September 18, 2019

A new Email privacy service is born.


Existing solutions were either hard to use in person or over the phone, or simply lacked a proper interface and features.
This service aims to fix that.
Emails will be full customisable and easy to spell.
You will be able to send, reply and receive from any email address.
Many people can act as one from one email address.
It is works out of the box with your existing email inbox.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 100 paying customers
    Proxies API( was the most unlikely project that I ever thought would bring me success. The secret this time was doing a pr
  • Launched Botmake 2.0 on Product Hunt 😻
    🚀 New Features - Smart Auto-complete support added. - Bots can ignore small typos and give proper answers - It is now possible to use buttons for ans
  • We pivoted during covid
    After 6 months of business analysis, we decided to part ways with our previous brand, product and mission (Digital Profile). Yes, we started making sa