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The aim is to provide a well crafted ready made template so that developers can focus on building their product features and do not have spend much time and worry about design.

September 25, 2020 $500 in sales after 2.5 months for TailwindCSS lib

It took 2 months and 10 day after beta release of Zukoni UI library to reach $500 in sales. While that is not a significant number in terms of money but as a indie hacker this milestones is very important for future. When I started this I had no idea what to expect or whether it is a good idea to pursue this leaving the job market. But now I've my answer and I know if I can play my cards right then this can be a way to my successful indie hacker journey.

I'm excited about the future of Zukoni as I'm working on some exciting stuff. Currently building an visual editor to build website using zukoni components or any other user provided components. Also started to publish some interactive examples of building components with TainwindCSS.

P.S: There is a sale going on right now. Grab your copy before it runs out.

August 15, 2020 12 Customer in 1st month for TailwindCSS library

So it's been a month since Zukoni UI library opened for beta user and so far 12 people have bought a subscription. Most of the subscription was bought in first few days. I also giveaway couple of license to some people to get more feedback on the product.

I didn't work much in last couple of weeks due to personal life, got married recently, but now I'm fully focused to work on the project to make it releasable pretty soon and have lots of ideas that I can't wait to implement.

July 31, 2020 New components & special campaign for Tailwind lib

Added more then dozen components to Zukoni UI library and also updated components lists page with pagination and better view experience.

There are total 65 components right now in the library. Though I wanted to add lot more last week but something big happened in my personal life. I got married last week and couldn't work much but aiming to add 30-40 more components next week.

Also I'm running a special giveaway and discount campaign to celebrate my new life. I'm giving away one Zukoni UI library license and huge discount for the next two days.

How to enter

  1. Follow Zukoni UI twitter account (https://twitter.com/ZukoniUI)
  2. and retweet following tweet

One winner will be selected on August 1 and will get a one year subscription. Also you can get 87% off on purchase using this coupon code "uT75oBZB" (valid up to August 1)

July 18, 2020 6 sale in first 72 hours - TailwindCSS Library

I just opened my site recently for beta user on July 15 after much thinking. I didn't wanted to start selling before making a solid product. But over the years I heard this advice again and again about the importance of selling. The sooner you start selling the better because people tell their honest opinion when they spend money on your product and I didn't wanted to build something that nobody wants. So to get feedback from users early on and guide my business accordingly I decided to start sale very early with a huge discount.

So I opened up the beta on July 15th and I got two sales on the first day. I don't how many time I have visited the dashboard to see those number. Its a feeling I can't describe in word. The next day I got 3 more sales and another on the third day. By no means this are any extra ordinary number, but it is very special to me. Now that I've paying customer means I've got skin in the game and I'm more committed than ever.

Here to the next 6 or 6 thousands.

July 15, 2020 Open site for beta user

Today open the website to public for beta users. Though I didn't wanted to open it before making it more complete and polished, but realized its better to have some early user feedback so that I know what should I work on and focus on important things and not waste on vanity task.

Not gonna lie, it is scary as hell to sell a product yourself. This is my first commercial product and I'm stressed about user feedback. What if they don't like my product, what if they want a refund, what if .... , these question are coming up on back of my mind but I decided to overcome the fear and just do my thing. If I'm honest in my effort then I'm confident all my doubt and fear will go away and I'll have an amazing product and great satisfied customer.

I've gone all in on this so really excited to see what the future holds.

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July 3, 2020 Started working on Zukoni

I think on July 3rd I started working on Zukoni library. Can't remember what thought process was behind this but I think I just felt there are lot of developers who are building lot of tools and services online but stuck on design or just want some ready made template so they can focus on logic part mostly. While there are lot of library exists but there are not many built with TailwindCSS which has quite a big community. So this my attempt to address this need with Zukoni.

The aim is to provide a well crafted ready made template so that developers can focus on building their product features and do not have spend much time and worry about design.