I'm a software developer with a long history in creating innovative UIs. I'm nearly ready to launch something I've been building for the past couple years. It is music oriented and heavy on the graphics. Contact me if you want to know more, feel free to email direct.

I mostly work in javascript (and html, css), and also have a lot of experience with various graphic tools (gimp, inkscape, etc). I like canvases and SVG, and can do things with css transitions and transforms that will make you ask "how the f did he do that?"

My degree is in industrial design, so I'm more a creative person than a coder really. In 1993, I wrote a "magic eye" program (in C++) and did a successful series of posters that were sold in shopping malls all over the world. Before that I made a 3d model of a human that was used by Boeing and McDonnell Douglas for designing (among other things) the space station. I have patents on 3d design user interfaces (in 1996 and 1998), and one of them is for Accudraw, which people still use and love. Had a hit with Aardvark in 2005, it was eventually bought by Google. So yeah I've been doing this stuff for a while. :)

I am a single dad with a 4 year old daughter, and she is my muse and an avid beta tester of the product I am developing.

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