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Simple! Just fill out this form for your project or business, and I'll get back to you (over email) with a standard set of interview questions for you to answer. 👍

Why share?

Indie Hackers sees hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month from developers and entrepreneurs. Popular interviews regularly make the front page of Hacker News and various subreddits and are shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. Some interviews, like Instapainting's and's, have gotten upwards of 60,000-100,000 hits. The average is at least a few thousand!

So why share? Free traffic and marketing; useful hiring, partnership, sales, and feedback opportunities from the people who read your interview; a unique and cathartic chance to share your knowledge and experiences with the world; and the warm feeling that comes from knowing your story will help others like you!

Who's eligible?

Anyone with a business or side project that's generating at least $100/mo in revenue. There's no upper limit. Of course, you have to be willing to share your revenue — the point of this site is transparency!

If your product hasn't launched yet, or if it launched within the past couple months, then it's too early for an interview. Also, if all of your revenue comes from charging hourly for some manual service (contracting, consulting, etc) instead of from your product, I probably won't interview you.

It's okay if you've raised money. It's okay if you're a full-blown startup with lots of employees. It's okay if you're not a programmer yourself. It's also okay if you have multiple ventures you'd like to interview for. In the latter case, please make multiple submissions.