I’m starting something new around podcasts, and decided I want to be more well-rounded and do things a bit differently than I have in the past when committing to a new startup. I’ve been hearing about Indie Hackers for a long time on the 'Startups for the Rest of Us' and 'Build Your SAAS' Podcasts.

I come from a long background of self-driven startups. Sometimes with small teams, sometimes not. I've done quite a lot of full-stack development and product/business modeling over the years. I have built and run a web publishing business for games with 40-50M monthly visits, and been down in the trenches with ad tech. Lots of experience in UA/Growth/Fraud, and data mining.

The last few years I've been deep into interactive cinema technology and the voice-first world. I've been building voice-enabled applications and a few dozen Alexa skills, ranging from mundane to quite complex.

I also have a deep wealth of game tech background, and founded the Facebook Game Developers group.

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Magnus Rush

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