New Milestone
  1. Rosie Sherry becomes a mentor
    Mentors are the bread and butter of MentorCruise, and it is always a special day if we can welcome a fresh one-of-a-kind mentor on the platform. Today
  2. I signed up as a mentor at MentorCruise
    There are two things I've wanted to find more time to do. One is writing. The other is helping other people. I do a lot of helping people as my role i
  3. The Problem
    Today's communication doesn't happen anymore on one or two channels. You can't tell your customers to contact you via Email or Phone only. And if they
  4. Posted a new #NoCode, step-by-step screencast Focusing on a speedy turn around time for common issues in the community. This was a success in
  5. Contact Form Added (Finally!)
    Added a HUGE feature today - a simplistic contact form :) Somehow the sending of emails from server doesn't work (something is broken), thus will be s