New Milestone
  1. Exciting App Update: V4.1
    I'm a developer over everything else, and that's my favourite hat to wear for Snap Search. Rolling out app updates is inc
  2. Crossed 2.5k monthly active users!
    After 3 months since launch, crossed 2,500 monthly active users, up 1,000 from last month! We also nearly hit 1.4k followers on our In
  3. $1,000 MRR - One year after launching!
    Almost excactly a year after launching, YT to IG has finally hit $1,000 MRR. Some might say that's a long time to wait to hit such a milestone, but I'
  4. Growing My 3k-person email List by 10% in 5 Hours
    TL;DR — I wrote a guest article for an affiliate with a large audience. It resulted in 300 new signups to my email list in 5 hours. My email list has
  5. Launched!
    Savio helps founders understand what features their customers need to be successful. After several months of customer discovery and validation, and se
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