New Milestone
  1. The Big Pivot
    TL;DR, a few days ago I launched a new project effectively pivoting away from the "mojosaas" brand mentioned in my milestone updates pr
  2. 50+ PRO users, 30k+ API hits
    146, the number of days it took to get 50 paid users. The introduction of a PRO-UI to the trail users benefited us in better conversion. All-in-all, t
  3. Automated website updates
    How to create content once and automatically publish it to my email subscribers, on my website, on Twitter, on Instagram, etc.? I've already automated
  4. Finished our MVP
    After many changes and iterations, it took us around two months to finish our new MVP of a social network for learning, considering the holidays break
  5. More than 1 image 馃摲 per plant in its detail page
    When visiting a plant page in, since today we show as many thumbnails as pictures we have 馃摲. Do you want to see a thumbnail with