New Milestone
  1. Earned first $100 from subscription
    This February, I added a premium subscription to Pomofocus and which have generated over $100 so far. I'm surprised to learn that such a simple tool c
  2. So it happened... I am on HN main page...
    ...and I did not even submit my project myself! This morning, after relative success on r/learnmath, I posted my website on r/math, probably the bigge
  3. Our Developer API is in public beta!
    Two months ago (on Jan 31), I sent out the first batch of emails to about 30 users who registered interest in a developer API. Since then, another ~40
  4. Slow Sales. Little interest. The push continues.
    It's been 15 days since I launched pre-orders for my eBook on Rails ( , and so far I've had 14 sales. I've been consist
  5. Available in the Apple and Google Play store!
    We managed to ship the Android and iOS apps in the store. It's been rough with the review process and different ad graphics but we made it. Yay! iOS A
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