, $4,000/mo: Pulling Out All the Stops to Reach New Users

Marc Montagne explains how he built and grew revenue to $4,000/mo by going to market with nearly a dozen user outreach methods.


How to Find Profitable Business Ideas

Zubin Ajmera: "Want to start a business but stuck on finding an idea? I know, it can be frustrating to dwell in the 'How do I find an idea?' phase forever."


How to Know If an Idea Is Worth Pursuing

Tommy Walsh: "There isn't enough time to move forward on all your ideas. So how do you pick? Can we come up with an algorithm that shows us the way?"


Climbing From 0 to $3,028 MRR in Four Months With Subscriptions

Primoz Cigler: "In August we switched all our existing offerings to subscription-based plans. It has worked great for us and it might work great for you too."


The Long Road to Passive Income Part 2: Getting from $100 to $1,000 in MRR

Cory Zue: "I'm going to talk about my plans to grow my site from $100/month to $1,000/month. I hope that you can get value from seeing my plans."


The Perils of Outsourcing Your MVP

Michael Lynch: "I had a brilliant idea for a website: build the site, but outsource all the work. You may be surprised to learn that this plan did not work."


Success Ten Years in the Making with Amir Salihefendic of Doist

When he wrote the first lines of code in his dorm room for his personal to-do list app, Todoist, Amir had no idea that it would eventually become one of the most popular apps of all time. Learn about his winding path to building a successful company, and how he got there by doing things he loved.

Episode #39
53 minutes

When Your Side Project Blows Up with Dawson Whitfield of Logojoy

What would you do if your side project made $30,000 in its first month? This is the exact situation that Dawson Whitfield found himself in after a long history of launching projects that didn't make it very far. The conventional wisdom is that it takes years to build a successful business, but in this episode we discuss why that wasn't the case with Dawson's business Logojoy.

Episode #38
57 minutes

The Story of WorkFlowy: From $0 to $800,000 a Year with Jesse Patel

Jesse Patel and his cofounder Mike built a product good enough to attract 20k new users/month with no marketing. But it's not all roses. Co-founder disputes, competitors and clones, money problems, and real-life responsibilities have kept them on their toes. Jesse doesn't shy away from describing any of the ups and downs that come with building a rocketship product.

Episode #37
63 minutes

From Two Failed Startups to $10,000,000 in Revenue with David Darmanin

When he started Hotjar two and a half years ago, David Darmanin never expected it to grow so quickly. In this episode, we explore how David's past failures, learnings, and jobs as a marketer contributed to the incredible success of his business today.

Episode #36
61 minutes
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