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New Milestone
  1. First paid customer
    We could validate the prototypes and we have sold them to our first customer. They are not interested on tracking COVID-19 but they need some business
  2. Second week
    This week we kept working on the product. Our goal at this stage is to have the tool ready and test it on our own campaigns to see how it performs. In
  3. Picked a name, bought a domain
    After a lot of deliberation and soul-searching, I finally settled on a name for my app: Ormi The name is the Greek word for "momentum." This is what I
  4. We approved our another Bootstrap theme @bootstrap
    After 9 month of work on Geeks UI we got approved on bootstrap theme. Geeks UI is build for Courses and online academy layout features, Its has design
  5. Launched website for VC lists
    To help people find and learn about venture capital firms, now we're sharing specific VC firms lists (Airtables) on our website. You can find VCs and
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