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New Milestone
  1. Sold to a new owner!
    I sold Callcounter to a new owner. This way I can focus all my time on everlint.com, which I enjoy working on more and which has already made some rev
  2. Create and sell online courses
    I'm building a platform where to sell my online courses on. I call it "Software Engineering Boss - where you learn software engineering like a boss" I
  3. Revenue positive
    It takes a lot of time, and lots of reach outs to convert someone who would give you a chance, but you eventually get one. Learn to hear a lot of No,
  4. It's a Presentation Not A Pitch
    I'm on the organizing committee for 1 Million Cups Miami. Its a place for entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports them to connect regularly over
  5. 400th subscriber
    We just celebrated for passing 400 subscriber, and with that we managed to release a new version. Although development doesn't seem to be going as we
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