New Milestone
  1. Doubled our pricing and a customer upgraded
    Recently we added a blogging CMS to Versoly and did very well on We decided before to change the pr
  2. I got my second paying customer!
    Really excited to share that I got my second paying customer for Screenshot Creator yesterday. This customer also su
  3. Started a blog sharing people's debugging stories
    Learning from other people's debugging stories/nightmares is at the heart of Debugg. My basic understanding of this is if you've read that story, you'
  4. Just hit 1.5k monthly active users! 馃帀
    After close to 1,000 warm direct messages, hit 1,500 monthly active users (2 months after our launch). Feel free to join us if you're
  5. Our First 100 Paying Subscribers
    A little over 2 months ago we released a paid version of Hevy. Since we're bootstrapped, we have exactly $0 to spend on marketing. We rely completely