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New Milestone
  1. Leaving a 6-figure salary to work on Embarque
    Until today, I was earning $13-14K per month since Feb 2020 from my full-time job and freelancing as a marketing strategist. Yesterday, I submitted my
  2. Himalayas Update 2
    Faster, better designed search We sped up search suggestions making it faster than ever to find jobs that are relevant to you. We’ve also added your c
  3. Launched on Product Hunt
    Today I launched Pass the Mustard on Product Hunt. PTM is definitely outside of the typical target-audience for PH (as it is to a degree on Indie Hack
  4. The COVID recovery
    Right before things started shutting down we had seen a nice growth in MRR. If you take a look at our revenue it took a bit of a dip but it's back to
  5. 50+ eBook pre-sales ($383 made)
    3 weeks ago, I started working on Failory's #1 digital product. A few minutes ago we made the sale number 53, without even having defined the content