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New Milestone
  1. Reached 10.000 users 🤯
    We launched the MVP of Tally one year ago and this morning we crossed the milestone of 10.000 Tally users 🤯 Super pumped to see where this will take
  2. Automatio Weekly Progress Update #13
    Good day good people. Here is last week progress update on https://automatio.co: - 💰 Acquired 1 paid user for $99/m package - 💰 Sold 1 yearly packag
  3. New brand
    Together with a designer friend, we explored in several workshops how the brand and the brand identity should be developed. We're aiming to be on the
  4. Onboarded Detroit's Love Guru to NinjaBuzz.io
    Greg Dudzinski is the owner and man behind The Art of Relationships Show podcast. An he describes himself as "Detroit's Love Guru". And Greg is now on
  5. Started work
    Over Christmas 2020, decided to pump a lot of spare time into bringing this idea to life. Started with a good bit of research and even setting up some
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