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New Milestone
  1. First paid customer
    We could validate the prototypes and we have sold them to our first customer. They are not interested on tracking COVID-19 but they need some business
  2. Second week
    This week we kept working on the product. Our goal at this stage is to have the tool ready and test it on our own campaigns to see how it performs. In
  3. Rebranded Newsletter Creator to Better Letters
    Decided to combine two gumroad products into one. Newsletter Creator - google sheet template to run a newsletter Newsletter Review - a custom 30 minut
  4. 1,800 Customers of Better Sheets
    Taking my focus away from promoting Better Sheets and yet with AppSumo's partnership it's selling nearly every day. Sales are slow but no problem with
  5. We're Making Design Progress!
    We've made some significant progress recently with the new mobile & responsive version that we shared just two weeks ago. And, the timing just feels r
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