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New Milestone
  1. 5,000+ Weekly Active Users
    Hi guys, Please, celebrate with my team & I as our Google chrome extension reached 5000+ weekly active users. If you are wondering what our extension
  2. Release for the iOS!
    A few months ago I released a minimalistic logic puzzle for Android. I've been collecting feedback and fixing bugs since then to be able to release im
  3. Blog Post #6 Published
    Okay, we took a long break from working on Bellini Slushie (it's been almost a year since we posted an update on IH!) but we've been working on it in
  4. Development Update 10
    I'm really pleased with today's release as it includes two big new features. The first is a new type of check - SiteSentry will now check for broken l
  5. Change in pricing & freemium
    Our freemium model limited users to have maximum 2 team retrospectives per month. We liked this approach because it meant people could spread the word
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