New Milestone
  1. Celebrating 2nd anniversary 馃帀
    Like almost every morning, I鈥檝e browsed through social media and I encountered on twitter reminder. Our small side project Owwly
  2. 10 paying customers in the first hour of launching
    Added Paid subscriptions to and within an hour more than 10 Became paid customers 馃く. People really want a native note/blog
  3. Set Up Project on GitHub
    Once I had the mocks and the designs ready, I started my project in React Native on Github. The mockups gave me the opportunity to work out all the te
  4. I鈥檝e launched a newsletter
    After a long time thinking about it, I鈥檝e just launched a newsletter called The Future of Work The idea is to cura
  5. 20 sign ups on day 1
    We jut put a few posts out there on Reddit and Facebook yesterday! We got mixed reactions. People like the idea and some hate it. However, we got our
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