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New Milestone
  1. Dev Concepts - Week 16 progress
    Hey there! Big change of plans this week! Initially, I planned on working on part 3, but I changed my mind on Tuesday to do an experiment. Here's why.
  2. I have a new logo!
    I decided to go to logomaster.ai and create the logo myself. I had an internal debate on using Fiverr, but having used them in the past, and not being
  3. 5,000+ Weekly Active Users
    Hi guys, Please, celebrate with my team & I as our Google chrome extension reached 5000+ weekly active users. If you are wondering what our extension
  4. I took a challenge to build an API and built MVP
    I took a challenge to build an API and make $100 within this weekend! Hey Guys I built an API called scrapehoney to scrape websites automatically. I a
  5. 70 community leaders generate income with us
    With Comonetize, we have over 70 community leaders that generate a monthly income stream with our platform and our business support. The platform serv
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