New Milestone
  1. Viral on Reddit: 47k visitors, 12k users, 12 hours
    Viral on Reddit: The consequences of 30,756 upvotes and 47,611 visitors in 10 hours. This is a post-mortem write up on the effect of Rezi unexpectedly
  2. 50 Paying customers and +$5k MRR
    This is a great way to start off the week. Today we are ranked as one of the top growing companies on with 50 paying customers and ov
  3. TIL you can pay Google Ads $20 for a single click
    Decided to try Google Ads for the first time ever last week. I aimed to see how the system works and whether ads would be a viable driver for Gleebeam
  4. The Sitesauce CLI
    I took the weekend to build a CLI for Sitesauce and got everything working! This is exciting because, until now, you needed t
  5. Call for Beta Users (for Lifetime Deal)
    Today I'm launching with a new Beta Tester Deal: I am looking for Beta-Testers who can agree with: * I know, it's a Beta, anything can ha