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New Milestone
  1. $4,034 in (Nocode) SaaS Preorders within 48 hours
    It's 1:45 am in the early hours of Monday morning and I wanted to give up. I was exhausted. Anxious. I had been working 14 days straight clocking in a
  2. Started a YouTube channel
    In an attempt to improve my personal brand as well as put more useful content out to the development community, I decided to start a YouTube channel.
  3. Finished MVP
    It took a bit more than 2 months, but we're finally done building the minimum viable product for willgo. We coded the whole thing in Ruby on Rails sin
  4. $5k MRR
    Secured agency channel partners who already had clients to distribute our product to. This generated early business and we continue with customer inte
  5. $200K in bookings
    Just crossed $200K in subscription revenue. This isn't ARR (some people bought subscriptions for 5 years, so that should be realized later), but it de
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