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New Milestone
  1. Little hustle can go a long way
    1. Found some cash to keep me fed for a few months. It's not in the bank yet, though. The cheque is in the mail, as they say. 2. Found 2 potential col
  2. 80+ People Downloaded TIL With 0 Marketing!
    I have not been able to work on TIL due to fulltime job for quite a while. Last I did to TIL was adding a GitHub app so that new learnings can get com
  3. Reached 1,5K website traffic
    Reached 1,5K website traffic only through organic efforts. From 100-200 users in just 4 months. The key is SEO, active engagement on social media and
  4. Friends competitions in Bettre.me
    After having a first stable version on both platforms, I decided to add social interaction to the App the before marketing campaign for better viralit
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