New Milestone
  1. Apple rejected my app
    My New Year's resolution was to start my day with thinking mode instead of reactive mode (checking inbox, slack etc). A way to build that routine has
  2. We featured 300 cool products on Owwly already!
    From day 1 to today, with high persistence, I’m adding interesting digital tools from around the world to Owwly. I am so happy wi
  3. First big testimonial!
    I attended a SaaS conference last month. Apart from a lot of learnings (, I also
  4. 6 Gif Sales after the Launch
    A month ago, I’ve launched a Gif making service for Product Hunt. I wanted to provide my skills as a designe
  5. Early stats on beta launch
    Yesterday we launched the new, we didn't have time to do that much activities because we launched late in the evening (we are based in