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New Milestone
  1. $4,034 in (Nocode) SaaS Preorders within 48 hours
    It's 1:45 am in the early hours of Monday morning and I wanted to give up. I was exhausted. Anxious. I had been working 14 days straight clocking in a
  2. Started a YouTube channel
    In an attempt to improve my personal brand as well as put more useful content out to the development community, I decided to start a YouTube channel.
  3. Finished MVP
    It took a bit more than 2 months, but we're finally done building the minimum viable product for willgo. We coded the whole thing in Ruby on Rails sin
  4. First couple of users!
    Every day that went by without a single user was definitely draining my confidence. I knew I was building a niche application for a smaller audience,
  5. Revamping landing page after getting a roast
    I ordered a landing page roast a few days ago at https://www.roastmylandingpage.com/, and this morning I woke up to Olly's roast in my inbox! Woohoo!
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