New Milestone
  1. Someone created a Wikipedia page for our company
    I discovered that we have a Wikipedia page for our company and it was most definitely not created by us. ![alt text](
  2. 500 monthly new users for the first time!
    Last month has been good! 馃檶 Mainly due to launch on Product Hunt which also led to a few external reviews. I'm very glad this milestone has been reac
  3. Started learning JavaScript
    Started to learn we development at it鈥檚 finest !JS Tutorial Course Certificate This tutorial covers all basic featu
  4. 2 Clients. $277 in Revenue
    I posted a link to the service on one Facebook group to ask for feedback on the website. 2 customer signed up overnight! In total, we worked on five d
  5. PurpleAds just crossed 20K impressions/day
    Thanks to our publishers, we've just crossed 20K daily impressions for our ads, and ~350 clicks. Some great stats for the 1st week of PurpleAds. I thi