New Milestone
  1. Pivoted to a simpler product!
    I took the most used feature out of a previous (much more complex Slack app called Morning) and made it standalone. Sadly, Slack didn't approve it for
  2. Founder interview #3: Ramy Khuffash (Page Flows)
    This week The IndieBeers Gazette (our newsletter) went out to 167 people, along with our latest London founder interview. @Ramy is the founder of Page
  3. Reached 6800$ in MRR
    It's been a long where to here but finally we managed to close the third annual client through a referral. Now We are profitable and planning to raise
  4. Final Beta App Done! 馃摫馃コ
    After months of spit-shine and testing in the field (before Covid-19 struck), I've finally completed the last version of TripUp before its official Ap
  5. 7 Day Backfill
    In order to get on top of making sure a new page goes out every morning I've created a backlog of scheduled newsletters. Thank god for Revue 馃槮 Also,
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