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New Milestone
  1. First Project "Churchill" launches
    What? Simple, transparent service to leave the Swedish church with a free option to replace a bunch of scam services that already exist Whose idea Mat
  2. v1.0.7 - Beta
    Loopple v1.0.7 - Beta is here. This update has the following changes: - I added Soft UI Dashboard theme (Soft UI Dashboard is a Bootstrap 5 Template w
  3. Dashboard update added
    We changed some minor things with the dashboard that probably aren't noticeable to the end-user. The button disables when there are less than six item
  4. Sharing!
    Users can now share templates they've made with their friends and colleagues. This will be very useful for our users, we've already heard anecdotes of
  5. Released Pomodoro Timer For Focused Reading.
    Recently I learned about the Pomodoro technique, I tried it for reading a book and it actually works. So thought that It would be interesting to intro
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