New Milestone
  1. We hit $100 MRR!
    After working on Mailbrew for the past 5 months and running our private beta we finally hit this important revenue target. It
  2. Launched Proof - a free tool for newsletters
    Today we launched a new, free tool to help newsletter creators convert more visitors into subscribers... You can use it
  3. Will most likely quit the SaaS model
    Two days ago, I thought about starting to test Adsense ads on the website, to see how it goes as the website started getting more and more traction. 1
  4. Podcast newsletter raised from the dead
    Late last year, I killed off my business podcast recommendation newsletter, Podboxer. It felt like an intense amount of work a
  5. First user interviews
    Yesterday I did my first user interviews after I procrastinated on it for quite some time now. To my surprise the interviews went very well and I not