The Story of WorkFlowy: From $0 to $800,000 a Year with Jesse Patel

Workflowy has grown rapidly in 7 years, but it's not all roses for its founders. Jesse Patel discusses the ups and downs of running a rocketship product.


Bootstrapping In a Nutshell, Part 5: How to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Page

Jérémy Mouzin: "Learning how to drive quality traffic to your landing page is NOT what you need right now. What you really need are customer insights."


How I Earned More With 2 Months of Book Sales Than 18 Months of SaaS

Rob Race: "Through countless failed ideas, I finally wrote a book on how to build a SaaS application. It's already surpassed my SaaS app revenue."


Side Project Marketing is the New King

Ali Mese: "Blogging takes ages and ads don't work, but there's an alternative that doesn't cost money or annoy people. Welcome to side project marketing."


How Seth Godin Would Launch a Business on a $1,000 Budget

Louis Grenier: "I challenged Seth Godin to take him out of his comfort zone and see if he still 'had it'. I asked him to come up with a business idea…"


How I got to 200 productive hours a month

Ivan Mir: "Nowadays I do around 200 productive hours/month… over six hours of productive time daily. This guide describes how I achieved these results."


The Story of WorkFlowy: From $0 to $800,000 a Year with Jesse Patel

Jesse Patel and his cofounder Mike built a product good enough to attract 20k new users/month with no marketing. But it's not all roses. Co-founder disputes, competitors and clones, money problems, and real-life responsibilities have kept them on their toes. Jesse doesn't shy away from describing any of the ups and downs that come with building a rocketship product.

Episode #37
63 minutes

From Two Failed Startups to $10,000,000 in Revenue with David Darmanin

When he started Hotjar two and a half years ago, David Darmanin never expected it to grow so quickly. In this episode, we explore how David's past failures, learnings, and jobs as a marketer contributed to the incredible success of his business today.

Episode #36
61 minutes

"Definitely Not Trying to Fit In" with Tobias van Schneider

How do you get people to notice what you're doing and sign up in droves? If Tobias van Schneider is any indication, the last thing you should do is try to fit in. Learn how his history of counterintuitive decisions, going against the grain, and having zero expectations has led to a string of successful products, and some pretty spectacular failures as well.

Episode #35
93 minutes

Making $125,000 a Month as a Solo Founder with Mike Carson of

After a lifetime of hacking, Mike Carson hit on a very big opportunity selling .io domain names. Learn about the forces that made his massive success possible, the threats that almost killed his business, and how his life has changed.

Episode #34
57 minutes
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