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New Milestone
  1. Successfully sold Pingr
    So, that's it. I sold Pingr. Even though I had negative revenue, I was able to cover my development expenses with the sale. The offer was indeed very
  2. New Submission Service!
    The service idea is quite simple (and came from customers requests): SpreadtheWorld is a database of 400+ places to promote your startup. But, it take
  3. Revenue over $60
    Finally this becomes true. We offered a premium service without any freemium model. We offer generous free-trail time though - if user asked we essent
  4. OneSimpleApi.com Product Hunt Launch!
    I'm launching the first version of OneSimpleApi today, and this is my very first launch! 🚀 I've been working on the copy for the launch for some days
  5. Started working on Codewell — Hired a Developer
    This is the first time I'm fully committing to a project and by committing I meant hiring a developer to help bring my idea to life. Definitely an exc
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