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New Milestone
  1. A new competitor came to SERP tools
    Screpy SERP. Cheaper, more flexible, more understandable. You can now full access. How can I do with Screpy SERP? - Monitor your keywords free - The m
  2. Reached 250 paid subscribers!
    My recipe so far: * make the best possible app and try to adopt the latest iOS technologies * have a fair price with regards to what people expect to
  3. Chapter 0.1.6 released.
    Day 7-ish of launching my open source sci-fi book. I changed the ads to point to the landing page for the book as opposed to the GitHub repo which som
  4. MPV is Ready!
    After 5 months of enormous hard work, ThriveDesk MVP is ready for private beta testing. Actually we haven't built the MVP, we built the whole app and
  5. Krakeno openBeta 馃殌
    Launching the first youtube playlists downloader that plants 馃尣 TL:DR We are launching a Youtube Playlists Downloader that plants 馃尣 and respect the