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New Milestone
  1. Successfully sold Pingr
    So, that's it. I sold Pingr. Even though I had negative revenue, I was able to cover my development expenses with the sale. The offer was indeed very
  2. New Submission Service!
    The service idea is quite simple (and came from customers requests): SpreadtheWorld is a database of 400+ places to promote your startup. But, it take
  3. Added Test Coverage Layer To User Journey Map
    Another of the hypothesis for Reciprocal.dev is what value user's will get from being able to visualise test coverage across their user journey map. I
  4. Getting about 100 unique hits per month
    CashFlowCareers, a job board for financial analysts, has grown through a variety of test marketing channels: Google AdWords, Reddit, and word of mouth
  5. Bug fixed in dashboard
    We fixed the preview of the cookie popup in the dashboard. It was a bug that I didn't fix for a month or 2 because of my laziness. Anyway, it was hard
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