New Milestone
  1. First profitable month!
    Frontend Mentor is about to have its first-ever profitable month since I started building it! I've gone completely th
  2. I needed to say this.
    馃Thoughts An IH member was complaining about my previous post complaining that it wasn't a milestone. A milestone doesn't have to be hitting $5K MRR,
  3. $2000+ Gross Revenue
    Today, after selling 120+ copies of REBASE - The complete guide on rebasing in Git, I've crossed the $2000 mark in gross revenue! Happy to see there's
  4. Our emails have 95% Open Rate
    Ok so, every day we're keeping track of many metrics while working on Mailbrew, and we're trying to define what will by our KP
  5. 11K downloads, 460 stars on github
    Idea Codeless automated testing is trending in 2020. So by designing this tool one year ago I happened to be right in my estimations. Continuous devel