New Milestone
  1. Reached 500 paying annual subscribers 鈾ワ笍
    After continuing listening to the users and implementing new features requested from the users Email Me App has reached the milestone of 500 paying su
  2. Over 2,500 Websites Hosted
    It's amazing to see how far has come in the last few weeks since I've been spending all of my time on growth marketing rather than developm
  3. First sales win!
    On my request, few of my friends have been using the beta version of LoveTab for more than a week now. However I just realised that it is nothing like
  4. Launched CRM for freelancers on PH
    I've launched the new CRM feature for Startday on Product Hunt. It's always exciting to see how it will go, and others - others than the users who hav
  5. Reached 1k installs
    I didn't worked much on the app during the last 20 days or so, but is great to see that it is gaining momentum on it's own. Now I have an average of 2
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