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New Milestone
  1. Early Access website is ready!
    Our first version of the landing page is ready. You can now sign up for updates and get early access. https://wavemeapp.com/ :) You can see a video ex
  2. First paying customer
    Hello Indie Hackers, This is my first time writing on IH and would like to share my journey with you on trying to kick-off my side project. I'm a co-f
  3. Launched on Hacker News
    To my surprise, the hacker news community enjoyed the product. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27108495 Although from the looks of it, a lot of p
  4. New website launch
    Why? To be honest, our old website didn't reflect our new mission. What'd we change? everything aside from logo! What do we hope to achieve with this
  5. We published a new blog post!
    This time we decided to talk about what makes a great thumbnail great, or, as we like to say: "The art and science of a great video thumbnail". In thi
New Post