New Milestone
  1. Reached $1k MRR
    Just ran the numbers, and I reached the goal that I had set for 2019 with a few months delay – I made over $1k MRR for the first time! Now, this miles
  2. I reached $10,069 monthly revenue with Sheet2Site
    ✅ One year ago I reached my goal of $1,000 in monthly revenue as part of Hardcore Year 🏆 Today I reached $10,059 in monthly revenue with https://shee
  3. 10 Subscribers!
    I know, it's not a big number to cheer but the early access list is growing and its less than 24hrs. I've just shared a Facebook group for website fee
  4. 100+ (121 to be exact) teams are using Hallway!
    It's been two weeks since we launched Hallway ( We launched Hallway as a side-project to help teams reduce loneliness and have f
  5. I finally released the API
    I'm very happy to push the API online 🎉 I linked the web documentation at the address Any requests or any remarks on th
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