New Milestone
  1. I got my first paying customer!
    Someone subscribed to the Pro plan for Screenshot Creator for $14.99 / month yesterday :) It's not a lot of money by
  2. Random Color Generator
    Get a random hex color every time you reload this page. A virtual color wheel to randomly pick a color. Random color generator which outputs hex code,
  3. Update 78: Crossed $1,000 in MRR 馃捀!
    First significant milestone for Encharge: we crossed $1,000 in MRR last week! Last week we managed to close one new customer, upgraded an old customer
  4. Cut bounce rate by half (50% to 23%)
    By delaying Login until a later stage, I was able to cut the bounce rate from over 50% to 23%. The **Sign in with Github** button was replaced with **
  5. First 100 users registered!
    It鈥檚 been a little under 48hrs now since launch and we鈥檙e just over 110 users registered for the free trial! We also received a nice comment on the Pr