New Milestone
  1. Celebrating our 50th newsletter
    I remember the time when Owwly was a simple landing page with an option to sign in on newsletter about UX topics. From that time,
  2. Lessons learned and going live
    We are live! ( Back in September 2019 my co-founders and I decided to fix a release date: 31th Jan 2020. What we didn't know is
  3. 500 newsletter subscribers
    we're launching Facebook and twitter campaign to get daily visitors. our goal is post article everyday to attract visitors also we're planned to make
  4. Finished MVP
    It took 3 moths to get here. I started focusing full time on this in December. Had to quit my job because as a Project Manager I was busy 200%, and tr
  5. Live on BetaList today!
    Elevator is featured today on BetaList! The timeline from submission to getting featured happened a lot faster than I anticipated (in fact the app is