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New Milestone
  1. Wrote first blogpost and got 12k views!!! 馃槼
    So, I wrote my first blogpost - it took a while until I was satisfied with it. But then I finished and I thought to myself "hey, this is good!" Thus,
  2. 10 stars in 5 days on GitHub 馃ぉ
    After releasing the first open-source version of Scaffold, 5 days ago, we already have 10 stars on GitHub. Scaffold is a framework to create a complet
  3. Released a Freebie & New Logo
    Today while I was trying to figure out how to optimize the list for further expansions. I come up with a quick "analysis": Who changed their twitter b
  4. Excited About New Deal-Hunting Feature!
    Added a new feature that I hope will really appeal to deal hunters. Now you can quickly find the best deals on Amazon for tech products that are highl
  5. MVD is online
    Just pushed the Minimum Viable Demo. You can find it on https://app.panopticash.com . It's a bit rough on the edges, but it conveys the idea. PanoptiC