New Milestone
  1. Launching as a 2.0 on Product Hunt!
    Today I'm launching the latest and greatest version of Lunch Money on Product Hunt! Lunch Money was hunted back in August 2019 and I found out much to
  2. Got my first Subscriber!
    The first subscriber happened today. I posted a message on LinkedIn looking for potential interview candidates and also reached out to a friend who ru
  3. First paying subscriber!!!
    I followed up and I reached out and BOOOM… I got my 1st paying subscriber. Only 199 missing - yeah! :) It was the result of mixed advice: - „build tha
  4. evervault auth: data privacy authentication
    evervault auth is in invite-only beta. Integrate a complete authentication flow in a few lines of code. With evervault auth, your users can authentica
  5. 1000 users
    I've had a successful launch on Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit. We've reached position #2 on the Hacker News front page and #4 on PH. In 2 days
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