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New Milestone
  1. Accidentally erased user data for the first time.
    I did this. I deleted a user website. Permanently and irreversibly. It was published and accessible for visitors from the Internet and I killed it. Th
  2. Improved Website Speed
    Indie Hackers should be much faster nowadays… at least for some of you! In the past week, the PageSpeed Insights score for our homepage on mobile jump
  3. Our First Donation: $49.89 To Black Lives Matter
    This week we paid our first-ever hate gift donation: $49.89 to Black Lives Matter, via the Black Lives Matter Support Fund at Tides Foundation. Why T
  4. Got featured on Starter Story this week
    It was a great experience to be interviewed by @patwalls on how we validated the idea behind Draftss.com, the trial & errors on the road to automating
  5. First paying users!
    We need to do a little more work to determine where new users are coming from, but I think our first few users were from right here on IH and a simila