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New Milestone
  1. Replaced deprecated Chrome Webstore payment system
    Chrome Webstore stops the payment system for paid extensions and in-app purchases. On Feb-1, it will be completely disabled. To make a SaaS extension,
  2. We reached 1000 paying customers!
    We've finally made it to the milestone of 1000 paying customers. It's growing quickly since our last post on paying customer growth which was at 800 i
  3. I Got Fired Before Christmas
    On December 17th, 2018, my position was eliminated in a reorganization of my companies IT Department. I find myself without a job one week before Chri
  4. $9040 = my most expensive month in business
    I know that's not a lot of money for some, but it's a ton for my business. I still made a profit, thanks to income of $11,745. But expenses were up fr
  5. Broke $500 MRR for the first time
    As I mentioned in the previous milestone, a lot of oilpriceapi.com traffic comes from SEO. So in reality I have done very little to achieve this. It i
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