New Milestone
  1. Reached out by a potential acquirer
    Someone contacted me and expressed his interest to buy I don't want to sell but I would like to see where this leads to. I don't even k
  2. We've Reached 70 Users!
    Super happy to announce we've reached 70 users on our platform! There were many slow days of no sign-ups and focussing a lot on stuff that scales behi
  3. Reached 50 subscribers!
    I just unlocked a new milestone and reached 50 subscribers for my newsletter "Engineering Growth". Am I gaining momentum finally? Because last 20 or s
  4. Reworked our offering
    We were getting feedback that our offering is too expensive, and not all parts of it were interesting to everybody. Now, instead of just having a sing
  5. 10k websites using WebsiteVoice audio widget
    On the 5th of January last year we launched the first free version of WebsiteVoice blogs to audio real-time widget. A user can listen to a WaveNet gen