New Milestone
  1. 12 episodes and 15,000 downloads
    The Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast reached 15,000 downloads this week. Over the last 6 months, many things have
  2. 500 ⭐on Github
    today is the day where I have reached 500 ⭐ on Github, it is just a number but means alot to me since it represents 500 people who liked or the
  3. Published my first blog post!
    Today, I published my first blog post for CoderNotes: A Day With CoderNotes I wanted to have a lo
  4. Podcast microphone giveaway
    Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? We're running a contest that gives aspiring podcasters the chance to win: 🎤 A great podcasting microphone fr
  5. 50 subscribers from my first blog post
    Recently, I co-founded a community of SaaS founders called Lunadio. Our mission is helping people to build profitable b