New Milestone
  1. Got to the front page of Hacker News!
    We did a Show HN today and got to the front page with 91 upvotes and 40 comments! [](https://news.ycombin
  2. 6 months in: sharing my biggest mistakes (so far)
    The official launch of Lunch Money was 6 months ago and since then, I’ve been sharing milestones on Indie Hackers, both [big
  3. Reached 20k subscribers on YouTube
    My YouTube channel about React Native just reached 20k subscribers. Below are the three phases of the channel lifecycle that led to this milestone. ##
  4. Reached 50 signups for my newsletter
    It's been a little over a week since I started working on MakerList, and I'm happy to announce that it has reached 50 signups
  5. Launched V1 of soundportals!
    Today I finished version 1 (redesigned and feature-rich V) of empowers creatives to share their (soundscap