New Milestone
  1. Mentioned in TechCrunch and MacRumors!
    This morning, my friend sent me an article by MacRumors about how Apple is now
  2. We've reached 10,000+ active users per week
    It was a long way, as we expected, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, user activity decreased. But, as soon as 2020 came, extension Parsers b
  3. Reddit loves our App!
    On Sunday I was casually browsing through r/reactnative when I figured out that people actually share their apps there. So I thought, why not try and
  4. Added RTL support to the website builder
    A potential customer asked yesterday if we supported RTL and he couldn't sign up to Versoly without it. So I looked into it and was able to make a few
  5. Featured on IndieHackers!
    IndieHackers published an interview in which I give more details about the making of CGWire Kitsu. We are super proud to find recognition among indie