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New Milestone
  1. $15k/month
    It's been roughly 1 year since I've launched Pixel True and overall I'm happy with the progress of the business. Our revenue comes from a mixture of s
  2. New anti-procrastination guide out!
    We've just released a new guide (How to finally stop procrastinating) on overcoming procrastination! As a maker, founder, and indie hacker, I use the
  3. First customer!
    We've got the first customer on our website! Earlier we've got sales on the test website and marketplaces. But today we have sold Tokyo Illustrations
  4. 100 Subscribers 馃帀
    Superpowered Self has crossed the 100 subscriber mark, a goal I first envisioned would take me to the end of January to reach. Half of these subscribe
  5. WordPress Security Deal 2020
    Your WordPress site is fully secure & loads faster: We check your website for malware infection & remove malicious code. We block malicious requests t
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