New Milestone
  1. Ten billion emails sent through EmailOctopus
    Six years after EmailOctopus was founded, we've now sent over 10 billion emails through the platform. Along the way we've learned the importance of sp
  2. We earned $2.3k from our first 47 Sales on Gumroad
    馃帀We are super stoked to see how this blew up these last 24 hours on HN that made us earned a good amount on Gumroad. 馃憠
  3. 30 customers! 馃帀
    I just got another theme download! You know what this means... *I've reached **30 customers**!* 8 of them were paid themes and 22 were the free [Half-
  4. Analytics Manifesto To All Hustlers
    Hey founders, I am sorry to talk harsh but someone had to do it. We are ***hustlers***. We love freedom and passionate about our businesses. We are do
  5. 15 000 reads in 6 months 馃殌 What鈥檚 next?
    Six months ago, we decided to take our struggles and learnings from making a startup and share them with others. Since then, we published an article e