New Milestone
  1. 34K pageviews & 9K users last month!
    Incubator List got 34K+ page views and 9K+ users since March 1! 馃帀馃コ馃帄 (I admit it is slightly more than a month 馃槀) This
  2. Got featured on a tech newspaper 5 minutes of glory :) Feels nice, received kind words from friends and family! I started
  3. Airtable integration + new price plan
    I'm still having fun building things on top of my API :) But at the same time, I'm bringing my product to new markets. Today I launched the Airtable i
  4. Got first 20 sign-ups in 6 days
    Soft launch going well. Totaly we got 20 sign-ups, 3 of them with a referral system. The conversion is 7.78%. The main traffic source is Facebook deve
  5. Acquired
    Today I registered For those wondering what the name means, here's the story. Signal is for extracting the signal from the noise. Our g
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