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  1. My landing page advice Twitter thread went viral
    I noticed that the majority of Roast My Landing Page bookings come from communities and organic social media. I am still struggling to generate meanin
  2. GetRhys just hit $6,000 MRR
    Seems that IndieHackers data is slightly delayed but, getrhys.com just hit $6,000 MRR. Genuinely though, I need to take a step back now and figure out
  3. Signed a sponsorship deal with RedisGreen
    After months trying to get my own hosting business to take off, I finally took a step back and decided to out source the hosting entirely. This will a
  4. Added 50+ new logos
    Hello everyone! We've been very quiet on Logology lately, the reason is we're doing one last feature push before our official launch! We're half-way t
  5. E19: Daniel Gallancy, Atakama
    In 2013, Daniel decided to leave the hedge fund world – IE his nice cushy job – and pursue something in the crypto world. Ultimately, he realized that
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