New Milestone
  1. Visalist crossed 400K MAU and $40K ARR
    Visa List is my most successful microstartup so far. One thing that made this milestone possible is the corona virus trackers which has now been used
  2. 1000 Twitter followers in 30 days
    After my “How I’d grow it” tweet went semi-viral, I decided to go ahead and launch Zero to Marketing as a weekly newsletter 📩 Now, while I love newsl
  3. 100,000 monthly active users!
    Really hard to celebrate with all of the scary coronavirus craziness going on (what a clusterf$&;).. but didn’t think we’d see this milestone so soon,
  4. Finally added testimonials on the landing page
    Today I am proud to have added testimonials on our landing page. 😎 I am glad because actual customers of our product were willing to publicly vouch f
  5. Expenses Breakdown
    A couple of weeks ago I saw @patwalls post about all the apps he pays for. I really like Pat's transparency, especially since very few people talk abo