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New Milestone
  1. Really start investing in facebook ads 😎
    After our first couple of weeks working together with mainly influencers we thought it was time to start investing in ads. We fooled around a little o
  2. Finished the MVP
    It took almost 2 weeks, but I'm finally done building the minimum viable product for Vibes.so. I worked mostly nights and weekends, and I coded the wh
  3. Dev Concepts Week 37 Update
    Hello there! This week felt GOOD. I could finally get back into writing mode without interrupts, and without stress thinking about the floods around h
  4. engram iOS 1.5.3 Released
    The last few weeks have centered on improving the iOS app. My phone is the primary device I interact with engram, so I’m keen to get this working well
  5. Secret Master Plan (just between you and me) pt. 2
    This leads us to a few irrationalities in our recent past. A hundred years ago, only people with physical injuries or disabilities did any kind of pur
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