New Milestone
  1. Released the first MVP iteration
    I did my best to be scrappy and released the first iteration of the MVP. I'm still fixing some important bugs before reaching out to a few leads. My c
  2. Scott's Cheap Flights Ad: 50 Trial Signups in 1hr!
    Today we were extremely pleased to be included (as an advertisement) in Scott's Cheap Flights deal email, which goes out to a minimum of 550k people!
  3. Finish MVP
    Today we finish our MVP! After a whole year of hard work, finally we are almost ready to receive our first users and it will be done very soon. That m
  4. 250 Subscribers + the Road to 500
    Album Daily has officially reached 250 subscribers! This may seem like a small number to many, but I am very proud of the progress that I have made in