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New Milestone
  1. Our First Marketing Video: How We Made It
    We've previously made several videos, but they have always been developer focused, meaning we open up Visual Studio Code and show how to implement our
  2. Reached 125 stars on GitHub after 1 week
    Last friday I've released StaticBackend as an open source project. I'm happy to have 124 stars already on GH and hopefully while I keep getting closer
  3. 9 new recycling locations ♻️
    Nub found 9 new locations recently! 🙌 9 new glass bottle recycling points Mapped by bike 🚲 Distance traveled: 10km Duration: 52m Total points so far
  4. Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 150
    💥August goal reached💥 US$ 364,572 ARR ↑ 6% vs Jun 351 paying teams - Interviewing new dev. Hiring takes a lot of time. - Onboarded new illustrator h
  5. Website launched online
    I completed my website MVP and added some more features using Angular on the most part and some Asp.net. Resnology is now live and I created this webs
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