New Milestone
  1. We have our very first customer!
    It was almost midnight and I was preparing to go to bed when a support ticket came in. It was titled "Am I your first customer?". I froze for a second
  2. Shared my story on the Indie Hackers podcast!
    As is the sentiment of any indie hacker granted the opportunity to share their story with @csallen and the greater community, I'm feeling so grateful
  3. A free and curated list to find tech talent 馃槑
    We understand how difficult it is for startups to hire top tech talent and hence started working on Flexiple to solve it. Over the past three years or
  4. 150 active publishers on PurpleAds!
    A great accomplishment! Most of our publishers have tier 1 traffic (US, AU, CA etc). We're working on reaching out to more potential publishers so we
  5. Changed everything but the code
    I just published a completely revamped version of the landing page for my product: Under the hood the code is exactly the sam