New Milestone
  1. Rosie Sherry becomes a mentor
    Mentors are the bread and butter of MentorCruise, and it is always a special day if we can welcome a fresh one-of-a-kind mentor on the platform. Today
  2. I signed up as a mentor at MentorCruise
    There are two things I've wanted to find more time to do. One is writing. The other is helping other people. I do a lot of helping people as my role i
  3. Analyzed 770,000+ TikTos and 27,700+ Profiles
    Back in December, I ran an analytics report based on the stats of TikTok profiles at that time (about 10,000 profiles). (Check first report: https://c
  4. The Problem
    Today's communication doesn't happen anymore on one or two channels. You can't tell your customers to contact you via Email or Phone only. And if they
  5. Finished MVP
    Today I managed to start and finish a very rough and ready MVP. The product is called 'User Story Examples', and is a result of my own frustration as