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New Milestone
  1. First Paying Customer
    It's the most exciting moment in every product's journey. Firelab acquired it's first paying customer over the weekend 🥳 Just 105 days since first li
  2. Week Beta
    Week is an app where you can manage your tasks and schedule them. I started working on Week a few months ago. I have a full-time job so it took some t
  3. We're live on Product Hunt 🎉
    Hi fellow Indie hackers! 👋 Marie & Filip, makers of Tally here. We're so excited to share with you that Tally is live on Product Hunt today! https://
  4. "Landing Pages: Common Mistakes to Avoid"
    Why Learn to Make Good Landing Pages? I wanted to learn how to objectively evaluate landing pages, instead of thinking "I guess this seems good?", "Is
  5. I decided to stop developing this project.
    After some tests and a MVP for me I decided it does not worth to keep this as the offer out there is cheap and has a lot of features, this may be re-v
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