New Milestone
  1. Celebrating 2nd anniversary 馃帀
    Like almost every morning, I鈥檝e browsed through social media and I encountered on twitter reminder. Our small side project Owwly
  2. Set Up Project on GitHub
    Once I had the mocks and the designs ready, I started my project in React Native on Github. The mockups gave me the opportunity to work out all the te
  3. I鈥檝e launched a newsletter
    After a long time thinking about it, I鈥檝e just launched a newsletter called The Future of Work The idea is to cura
  4. Just hit 100$/month Revenue
    This one feels good because both the Ad revenue and In-app purchases are increasing steadily. Of course my cost is also increasing but I'm tracking th
  5. Shared First Video
    Today I shared the first video for the Youtube channel. In the video, I found an open-source landing page theme, customized it for the channel, and ho
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