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New Milestone
  1. Launched on Product Hunt!
    After 3 months of Early Access period, I have finally decided to move SaaS Starter Kit to general availability and launched it on Product Hunt! https:
  2. Got into Y Combinator!
    It was really hard to keep a secret, but in January we got into Y combinator and left the "bootstrapper" mode. I have it on my backlog to write a deta
  3. 10 Blog Posts
    When I started Revenue Research my only 2 goals were to reach 10 subscribers and 10 blog posts. I got 10 subscribers after the second blog post. Writi
  4. Get 150 services required for loopit!
    After iterating three times base on all the feedback we got and engage with users. The new landing page for loopit (https://loopit.dev/) getting more
  5. Churn Has Dropped Dramatically
    After the past few updates have fixed several common issues and fulfilled the most common feature requests in BudgetSheet, churn has dropped off drama
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