New Milestone
  1. I got my first paying customer!
    Someone subscribed to the Pro plan for Screenshot Creator for $14.99 / month yesterday :) It's not a lot of money by
  2. Update 78: Crossed $1,000 in MRR 馃捀!
    First significant milestone for Encharge: we crossed $1,000 in MRR last week! Last week we managed to close one new customer, upgraded an old customer
  3. Random Color Generator
    Get a random hex color every time you reload this page. A virtual color wheel to randomly pick a color. Random color generator which outputs hex code,
  4. Got Acquired!
    Today we announced the acquisition of Moonlight by PullRequest! We're excited to be combining our developer networks. The goal is to continue to furth
  5. Cut bounce rate by half (50% to 23%)
    By delaying Login until a later stage, I was able to cut the bounce rate from over 50% to 23%. The **Sign in with Github** button was replaced with **