New Milestone
  1. 100 users joined Owwly
    Mission unblocked 馃敁 After 2 months from last big release (sign in option included) - Owwly has 100 logged in users on the board. Pre
  2. Launching On ProductHunt 6 Years After Starting
    I started working on PlanMoreTrips in 2014 and it got off the ground but ran out of money. We shut it down and worked on other projects thinking someo
  3. Launched an easy way to get a job
    Since we started in July 2019, tens of companies have asked for help finding full-time professionals. We just launched a new job feature
  4. First newsletter out, first subscriber
    Few days ago I started a newsletter about Elm programming language - I am learning Elm myself and wanted to share the noteworthy
  5. Update 74: Featured on Hackernoon
    Happy Monday, Indie Hackers! Yesterday we got featured on Hackernoon for Best Free Resources for Devs Bootstrapping Indie SaaS Startups in 2020. Feel