New Milestone
  1. Exciting App Update: V4.1
    I'm a developer over everything else, and that's my favourite hat to wear for Snap Search. Rolling out app updates is inc
  2. Crossed 2.5k monthly active users!
    After 3 months since launch, crossed 2,500 monthly active users, up 1,000 from last month! We also nearly hit 1.4k followers on our In
  3. $1,000 MRR - One year after launching!
    Almost excactly a year after launching, YT to IG has finally hit $1,000 MRR. Some might say that's a long time to wait to hit such a milestone, but I'
  4. Launched!
    Savio helps founders understand what features their customers need to be successful. After several months of customer discovery and validation, and se
  5. We have built the UI with Tailwind
    We have refactored the UI now using Tailwind and the web app is much slicker. We also adding in a few custom logo animations to polish the app a bit m
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