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New Milestone
  1. Solopreneur Product Hunt Launch: 9 months of dev
    It's been a long 9 months of dev, testing, pivoting and repeating, but I've finally reached my first major milestone. I've launched my beta on Product
  2. Learnings: Hacker News Launch
    I launched my Beta on Hacker News this morning and while I got quite a few more clicks than expected, I also didn't get the results I expected. Howeve
  3. Release
    WhatsappGroupList.com is now live! Features: - Search group - Join group - Create group - Report expired link - View group details - Sign up to the ne
  4. Launching second cohort
    The first worked so well that we’re starting another cohort October 17th, this time it will be 16 weeks and paid. It’s still early days for us, so all
  5. Podcast-to-podcast sponsoring — To grow audience
    I set up a poll on the r/podcasting community on Reddit to try and find out how many podcasters have, or are considering, sponsoring another podcast (
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