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New Milestone
  1. Sold to a new owner!
    I sold Callcounter to a new owner. This way I can focus all my time on everlint.com, which I enjoy working on more and which has already made some rev
  2. Create and sell online courses
    I'm building a platform where to sell my online courses on. I call it "Software Engineering Boss - where you learn software engineering like a boss" I
  3. 8k+ X.app downloads in one day
    TikTok is definitely the thing! A famous Russian tech TikToker reviewed X​.​app, gaining over 500k+ views on the video himself and leading to instant
  4. Customer satisfaction is our main achievement.
    We always try to provide our best effort to our valuable clients. Our verification system is very easy and most accurate. We are always live to suppor
  5. New Historical Destinations and Cities
    We've been busy over the past 2 months adding more stamps and stickers to the Duckwyn Travel Passport for you to collect. New Historical Sites: - Aach
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