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New Milestone
  1. Reached 250 paid subscribers!
    My recipe so far: * make the best possible app and try to adopt the latest iOS technologies * have a fair price with regards to what people expect to
  2. A new competitor came to SERP tools
    Screpy SERP. Cheaper, more flexible, more understandable. You can now full access. How can I do with Screpy SERP? - Monitor your keywords free - The m
  3. Minimum Viable Demo is Live
    After several months of very part time work I have the demo live at www.artwerks.io/demo. Artwerks is an AI driven art discovery platform. The demo is
  4. Krakeno openBeta 馃殌
    Launching the first youtube playlists downloader that plants 馃尣 TL:DR We are launching a Youtube Playlists Downloader that plants 馃尣 and respect the
  5. Chapter 0.1.6 released.
    Day 7-ish of launching my open source sci-fi book. I changed the ads to point to the landing page for the book as opposed to the GitHub repo which som