New Milestone
  1. Featured in App Store "Apps We Love Right Now"
    Was browsing through App Store Connect trying to publish a new version about 10 days ago, and noticed this new section called "Promotional Artwork". C
  2. Explicitly ask the user, do you want to buy?
    I put the ad removal feature to Simple Budget Planner in the form of in-app purchases. Even though I seen good number of installs in one week it was n
  3. 50k in development expenses reached
    We're one week await from the first release of kitfluence 🎉 It's been some months since we started working on the project, which means we put some se
  4. 5000 Subscribers
    My initial goal was to hit 5k subscribers by the end of April, but I reached it 3 months earlier, so... This is crazy! 😱 The truth is that I've worke
  5. Published a use case article on
    I just published a use case article on the form of a tutorial showcasing how to create a landing page with a contact form with Gatsby.js (a static for