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New Milestone
  1. Added Stripe integration
    One of the most tedious tasks when setting up a new project is to implement the whole payment flow and subscription management. Especially for a SaaS
  2. Finally open source 👐
    everypage has always promised to be open source and today we are finally delivering on this 💃🕺 https://github.com/kibalabs/everypage Go ahead and gi
  3. I have an MVP, now what?
    It took 35 days, but I have an MVP. I decided during this period to also add Facebook and Instagram integration. So, at the moment, Auth0 authenticati
  4. 250 signups and first paying customer!
    3 days after my launch on PH and making it to the 5th product of the day, Job Description AI passed 250 signups and I had my first paying customer. Fe
  5. Introducing the SaaS Resources Dashboard
    Customers who bought Serverless SaaS will gain access to the new "resources" dashboard. This place will hold all the links to resources related to the
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