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New Milestone
  1. 100 Sign ups!
    Yes, we are starting from the low base. Just organic growth, some referral marketing from the existing user base and some inexpensive Google Ads. That
  2. $500 March Revenue
    We happy to announce that kapustin.co has crossed $500 revenue 🎉 March has been a fantastic month for my service. We made approximately $520 in sales
  3. Launched on IndieHackers!
    I have been a reddit user for 5 years now. From the beginning I have been filling the reddit saved section with interesting posts and discussions that
  4. Team Communication App
    Effortless Team Communication Tool Built for Remote Teams. Help your remote teams come together virtually. Deliver a prompt chain of communication bet
  5. Building the website
    I've been working on the building the website for MagicWriter. MagicWriter is your AI-powered writing assistant that helps write better stories faster
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