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New Milestone
  1. Logos for A.I. startups are here!
    Hey there! Our designer Lucie has just added 20 logos to the A.I. category. Meaning we’re one step closer to launching to the public :). Instead of h
  2. 12+ Best Visual Studio Alternatives
    New article! 12+ Best Visual Studio Alternatives https://flatlogic.com/blog/12-best-visual-studio-alternatives/ Visual Studio is one of the most used
  3. 1 million views per month in december!
    I know it may not seem much to you but it's the first site one of my site reaches this point so I'm particularly happy. Especially this all grew organ
  4. Integromat Knowledge Base is now available!
    To help people to be free from BS jobs, Ethical Works has started a new project called "Integromat Knowledge Base". It's a kind of shared database abo
  5. The first week closed off with 45 paying customers
    So we have been running our campaign for 50% discount for all our beta users, as a thank you for helping to get us off the ground. This was great and
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