New Milestone
  1. First TikTok video
    Nowadays I'm trying to explore marketing options for user acquisition and I've read a bit about TikTok and it's amazing userbase. Decided I will give
  2. A modest profitable month
    Things feel like they are starting to click in terms of process, content, growth, and we even made some money (finally)! Looking forward to a continue
  3. Launched on Gumroad 馃コ
    Woohoo!!! 馃コ馃憦 Yesterday I finished setting up BuildFaster on Gumroad and now our 9 HTML themes (even more in the future 馃槈) are **available to buy**.
  4. Created a Landing Page! 馃帀
    I signed up for Maker plan on Unicorn Platform 馃 and it only took me and hour to put Authorisely value proposition on landing page. Thanks to @alexan
  5. Launched No-Database News site
    After a couple of months of iterating and redesigning, I launched my own news reader with only relevant news. No clickbait, no ads, no interruptions.
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