New Milestone
  1. 7500 Email Subscribers
    The Marketing Examples alien spacecraft went past the 7,500 mark last night. Here's the good and bad: ### No silver bullet I wish I could say I've fou
  2. $1M ARR
    We reached £1m ARR this year. It' took us 3 years to reach this milestone, lots of testing across all areas of the business and $3.2m of funding. The
  3. Raised prices by 5x
    Today I launched new pricing plans at a higher price point than before. (existing customers stay at their original price point). I think as indie hack
  4. Started offering LIFETIME membership
    Well, that's not 100% true. You could pick the lifetime option before, but it was somehow *hidden* until you visited the actual purchase page. The dif
  5. Crossed $30k All-Time Revenue
    I just checked my Place Card Me Dashboard and noticed that the revenue on the site just crossed $30k all time!