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New Milestone
  1. Finished MVP 🏗
    Having a full-time job, friends, and girlfriend that I want to spend time with, it took me 1 month to finish the beta version of this project. I chose
  2. Over $3k in revenue this month
    Over $3k in revenue this month from our new product - things.morflax.com 🥳And it was only pre-release! - Sold over 90-lifetime deals - $3k revenue -
  3. Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 129
    MRR: US$23.2k up 4% vs. Jan Paying teams: 296 up 5% vs. Jan - Designed onboarding update - Tested free-to join Connect room (similar to Clubhouse), ne
  4. $10k in our first month
    In our first month, we've gained 45 paying students, with $10,048 of transactions. We're happy with the start we've made. Students and tutors seem sat
  5. Expanding the team
    Our goal for the year is to be a viable, sustainable company. In order to accomplish this goal, we need help. It can't just be two of us co-founders.
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