New Milestone
  1. 120 Sold Copies
    Just today, exactly one week after my previous milestone, I've sold the 120th copy of the REBASE. The book will be released in just 5 days from now an
  2. Got featured on Starter Story - thanks Pat!
    When I began working on Flexiple 3 years ago, the one and only success metric that people used to judge startups with was the funds raised by them! I
  3. 10,000+ Downloads Crossed
    I just got to know Snap Search ( ) crossed 10,000 downloads on 4th January. I was completely unaware of this milestone as Go
  4. Keep Pushing Forward
    🥳 48 members 💰 $225 MRR Done ✅ Taking one members idea and building it as a community is a go for February To-do ➡️ Marketing/ sales push Community
  5. Launched on PH
    After a month of working on, I launched on Producthunt. My mission is to make it