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New Milestone
  1. More than 100 charts created in Chartbrew 馃挴
    So excited to have reached this milestone! You can see the live stats here. Chartbrew is still in Beta and I'm grateful to have people using it at thi
  2. Made my first ever internet money!
    I've been on the indie hacker grind all this year. I've made three other products - Portabella (https://portabella.io) - How to X with Y (https://howt
  3. Finished MVP - quicktalks.io
    I've been working on and off for two weeks and I think the MVP is ready. I even bougth a domain and the web is already live on quicktalks.io. Next ste
  4. Unexpected turn
    So this took an unexpected turn. After bringing MVP up to 80% of a working prototype, my reading endeavors forced me on a halt. I stumbled upon Steve
  5. UX Testing and huge improvements
    We now have Knowledge Timeline functionality - to visualise all facts in context on interactive timeline of human history. Really fun to experiment wi
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