New Milestone
  1. Apple rejected my app
    My New Year's resolution was to start my day with thinking mode instead of reactive mode (checking inbox, slack etc). A way to build that routine has
  2. We featured 300 cool products on Owwly already!
    From day 1 to today, with high persistence, I’m adding interesting digital tools from around the world to Owwly. I am so happy wi
  3. Got 3 user signups on the first day!
    *It's not much, but its honest work* I had collected users' email ids while sharing my MVP. So now when I launched my beta, I had the first list to di
  4. We got our first paid user!
    We have been working hard in the last couple of weeks after our initial launch; we have reached out to some users to collect more direct feedback, con
  5. First big testimonial!
    I attended a SaaS conference last month. Apart from a lot of learnings (, I also