New Milestone
  1. Reached $1k MRR
    Just ran the numbers, and I reached the goal that I had set for 2019 with a few months delay – I made over $1k MRR for the first time! Now, this miles
  2. 12k page views in 24h from #1 on a Reddit Channel
    ```The best way to build your audience is to give good stuff away for free.``` Inspired by [this quote](
  3. First interview about how and why we started
    I'm part of a Telegram group for and post regular updates about Versoly there and Binu Mathew from n
  4. We have been added to the WFH category!
    We've been added to the new Work From Home category on the Slack App Directory. In terms of exposure, that is a major step forward for Sparkly! https:
  5. Launched on PH!
    So we have decided to launch PurpleAds on ProductHunt. We'd be happy to get your support with some upvotes! You can see the full story of PurpleAds in
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