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New Milestone
  1. 🙂 Friendly is an LLC now!
    When I launched Friendly just under a year ago, I wanted to get started as quickly and easily as possible, in line with the lean startup philosophy. T
  2. Finished the build ready for beta users
    We've finished the build! We're now testing it with our own business subscriptions, and trying to break it this week. All going well, we should be ema
  3. Threw together a landing page
    Hi, indie hackers! I am glad to join and start building publicly. My launch is at February 1st. I am Paul, a software developer from Moscow, Russia. Y
  4. COVID Briefing added to Nabu
    I summarized all major global COVID dashboards and websites with updates to have a one-stop centralized place to keep track of the situation. https://
  5. Dev Concepts - Week 10 progress
    Hey there! Great news this week, I've completed the first draft of part 1. It's of course an important milestone, and it feels GREAT. Part 1 is 95 (!)
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