New Milestone
  1. Open Sourced Our Internal Brand Book
    We put a lot of thought and care into our "brand" at Gumroad. As a product-first person, it took me a while to wrap my head around what that even mean
  2. Made $5000+ in Gross Revenue!
    Another week has passed and yesterday has reached the 5k mark in gross revenue. Sales definitely have been going down since th
  3. Crossed $1K ARR
    First revenue milestone since the first paying customer! With the current number of paid subscribers, Curate has reached an
  4. 2nd on Google for "TikTok analytics"
    We are now showing on Google as the second result when searching for "TikTok analytics" and I am glad to say that 90% of the traffic comes from organi
  5. 10k reviews on Play Store
    As of last week, we just crossed the 10k reviews milestone. One of our in-app notifications asks the user to leave its feedback on the store. Some use