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New Milestone
  1. Landing page is ready!
    Finished the first iteration of our landing page. We have done some work on the functional parts of the website but it is better to build in public. S
  2. Switch to JSON logging
    At haanmi.run we used Golang as our back-end language. Today we our logging to this library https://github.com/rs/zerolog It supports JSON so we don't
  3. Release First Paid Content
    I released my first paid content about e-commerce. My free content goes over my research about generating revenue in an industry. My paid content is a
  4. iOS Vs Android (on design principles)
    Building a product with a good user experience is a uniquely difficult task. There are the obvious design/aesthetic considerations but fundamentally y
  5. The bigger they come, the harder they fall
    What a ride this has been. After being very very happy with a finished product and onboarding my first customer a question came up I have not even con
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