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New Milestone
  1. Trended on Hacker News homepage: $13,000 booked!
    On May 13th a Roast My Landing Page blog post trended on Hacker News. The post, what I learnt roasting 200 landing pages in 12 months (http://blog.roa
  2. Updated statistics view
    An important part of Week is knowing how much time you spent working on your tasks. To simplify this process I've added a simple statistics page to th
  3. Google Chrome Store app rejected.
    The app got reviewed way faster than I expected - which is great. B ut the extension got rejected. The reasoning was I think because I was talking abo
  4. Boom! First Paying Customer.
    A couple of days ago we sent out an invite to our first waitlist member and a few hours later saw that they'd signed-up for a yearly subscription to o
  5. Launched on the App Store!
    After three months of hard work, today we launched our MVP today on the App Store! We had some very positive feedback in our open beta and are happy t
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