New Milestone
  1. Finally, the MVP is out!
    After around 6 weeks of working evenings and weekends, the MVP for TubeSafe is online! Originally, I started building with the aim of hosting the back
  2. Hit $2000/month in revenue!
    Episode Ninja had a huge month for both traffic and revenue in November. Ad revenue experienced a big bump, especially over the Thanksgiving through B
  3. Reached 100K Visitors This Year
    Good, Cheap and Fast just recorded its 100,000th visitor of 2019. It's an interesting milestone because the site might not post a year-over-year traff
  4. Reached 100 users today!
    Super proud to say that LeClapClub's beta has reached 100 signed up users! Among them a whole company had its 30+ employees signup!! They are now gett
  5. First activity hosting for coding puzzle
    Last year I made a side project to print the code on puzzle and send to customers who likes this idea. This year I decided to use those puzzles to hos