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New Milestone
  1. $250 in one week 馃捀
    After the last PH rollout, we鈥檝e noticed bigger interest in price plan options :D Last week was the best in Owwly history due to monetization. We sold
  2. SaaS Wizard is now PriceWell.io !
    I've been working with another Indie Hacker on the project as well as conducting extensive user research. We decided to focus on embeddable pricing pa
  3. Add OCR Tools
    The next milestone is to have OCR tools on the DevTools360 up and ready for production use. The OCR functionality should be available in more than 25
  4. First sale!
    What a day to remember! No paid ads so far so that's a great achievement... also: traffic KPI goes up: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook followers, inter
  5. Week 2 progress
    This week, I've worked for about 30 hours (ouch) on the outline of the book. The more I think about it, the more insane it sounds ;-) But I did make g
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