What you should know as a founder of a software company

Ivan Mir: "Starting a business is like roaming in a fog. It would be nice to have some kind of a map. Here's what we've learned in our years running a startup."


SEO for Developers: Reaching the Front Page of Google Without Being Spammy

Cory Zue: "Even if people really like your product it will be almost impossible to get steady traffic. Why? Because you don’t have reproducible organic reach."


BotList, Inc.: How to Launch On Top of a Tech Wave By Seeing it in Advance

Seth Louey, a former nominee for Product Hunt Maker of the Year, explains how he and his co-founder launched in the midst of a growing tech trend.


Bootstrapping in a Nutshell, Part 2: How to Validate Ideas by Talking to Customers

Jérémy Mouzin: "Validating your idea by talking to customers before doing any building is the most difficult part of bootstrapping a business."


The MVP Paradox

Maitrik Kataria: "An MVP is not a cheaper product. Nor is it a minimal version of a product with the smallest possible feature set."


Finding Your Next Idea with Philippe Lehoux of MissiveApp.com

Learn how a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience has given Philippe Lehoux the confidence to move on from a business that brings in over $50,000/month.


Finding Your Next Idea with Philippe Lehoux of MissiveApp.com

Ever since he launched a profitable website as a teenager, Philippe Lehoux has had an uncanny ability to find something bigger and better to work on. Learn how a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur has given him the confidence to move on from a business that brings in over $50,000/month.

Episode #33
59 minutes

Before and After Product-Market Fit with Peter and Calvin from Segment

Why is it so difficult to recognize product-market fit before you find it? And how do you find it, anyway? Learn about the struggles the team behind Segment faced, and how everything changed after they built a product that people wanted.

Episode #32
54 minutes

How Kevin McArdle Quit His Job and Bought 28 Businesses in Two Years

Most aspiring entrepreneurs assume they have to start from scratch. But when Kevin McArdle left his job at 38 with a wife, a mortgage, and 4 kids, he wanted to get a head start. Learn how Kevin and his partners at SureSwift Capital bought almost 30 companies in two years, and how they're helping to change founders' lives through 6- and 7-figure exits.

Episode #31
67 minutes

Pivoting Your Way to Three Million Users with Vivek Ravisankar

The founder of HackerRank tells the story of how he and his cofounder went from multiple failed businesses as brand new founders working from India to the creators of one of the most influential websites for programmers and tech companies.

Episode #30
61 minutes
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