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New Milestone
  1. Approved by Google!
    Happy to say Google finally verified my app! So anyone can safely access the live demo without seeing a sketchy consent screen. My app (magic.jonathan
  2. Incorporated
    I've been freelancing as a Fullstack Web Developer for almost 20 years, and for the last few of them I've been thinking more seriously about incorpora
  3. Doubled monthly active users in a month!
    Just passed 1,800 over the last 28 days! The growth curve has been insane over the weeks leading to Black Friday and moving into December. I plan to w
  4. First open source user
    https://github.com/chatscope/chat-ui-kit-react have first open source user. Every day i'm checking github stars and github traffic. Today morning i no
  5. Glowbom Bots
    Introducing Bots! It allows you to create a virtual assistant using just your voice: glowbom.com/bots.html Here's how the chat app looks like... [](ht
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