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New Milestone
  1. MVP Launched!
    After a month of building, I finally launched the very first MVP of PipeSocial! Here are the key features: - You connect as many Twitter account as yo
  2. First Town Hall Scheduled!
    I launched $PLAY Coin over on https://rally.io in late April, and it's quickly grown to be in the top 10 Creator Coins there. My core team has grown f
  3. Support First-Class CI/CD Cloud security
    Some CI/CD platforms which build your solutions provide easy ways to authenticate to your cloud provider. Most Don't. And even when they do like Gitla
  4. Book Announced
    After doing research on Twitter and around the web, I realised there was a gap to help builders on AWS really understand and gain confidence with IAM.
  5. Launched 50k+ WordPress Plugins
    We launched over 50K WordPress Plugins bringing our total dataset to 185k+ apps, extensions and plugins available on Marketplace Apps. Fields include:
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