New Milestone
  1. We Got Our First Paying Users!
    Our Product Hunt launch was great! We got 1500+ visitors in one day and our first paying user! They used our Product Hunt promocode and subscribed to
  2. Flya featured on BetaList
    A little while ago I sent Flya over to the guys at BetaList in hope for a feature. I didn't expect it would actually make it on there but today I got
  3. We made it to the front page of HN! 馃帀
    Last night (right before going to sleep) I've posted a link to this project on HN and Twitter using new approach in title: "Grab'n go CSS editor" And
  4. First release
    The project idea was inspired from a Twitter thread started by Nader Dabit that compiled a few companies that were still hiring, to try to help people
  5. Onboarding for first-time users
    Yesterday we released a new version of Owwly with a super smooth onboarding process 馃槑 We noticed that a lot of users add their o
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