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New Milestone
  1. Am I doing user research wrong?
    TLDR; I got 10 waitlist signups yesterday, personally emailed 8 of them, and only got 1 response so far. Would appreciate some thoughts about my proce
  2. Built MVP for Automated User Testing
    Fed up spending an excessive amount of time test user flows in the browser, I decided to build a tool to automate this process and save me hours of ti
  3. 70 domains and a new domain appraisal service
    Today I'm happy to announce that there are already 70 domains in the Upfordomain database ready for rent/sale despite no marketing or promo. I have al
  4. Launched
    Writing code at until 2 in the morning for a week and ruthlessly following my target finally resulted in today’s launch. I learned a lot about integra
  5. 63 copies sold in 9 Days
    Hello Everyone, Excited to share the progress of our brand new ghost theme InoLetter. In 9 Days we sold 63 Copies. The Coupon (FC50OFF) of 40% discoun
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