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New Milestone
  1. VEED Video Editing API
    Hey all, after building our online video editor VEED for the last 2 years a lot of people have been asking us if they can use our API. Over the last f
  2. Changed positioning & update landing page
    So with Delighted, the one thing I've struggled with is the positioning of the product. However after talking with a few larger scale prospects I thin
  3. Beat $1k monthly revenue and relaunched on PH
    November was absolutely bonkers for Thankbox, as you'd see in my recent milestones. At the end it just managed to get to $1k in revenue for the month
  4. 1000 organic users per month but still no revenue.
    My site finally broke 1000 users per month without paying for any traffic. 80% of the traffic came from organic search, 11% was direct, and the rest c
  5. Crossed 1,000 members in my community
    I launched Local SEO Community about 4 months ago, and just crossed 1,000 members. I'm pretty happy with engagement in the community. There are normal
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