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New Milestone
  1. Reached $6000 MRR
    Just hit $6k MRR roughly a year after launching. In between the launch a year ago and now, there has been a pivot, a rebrand, and a whole bunch of ne
  2. Hit $6K MRR and got featured in TechCrunch
    Plausible Analytics just hit $6,050 MRR from 974 paying subscribers! Thank you all for your trust and support! We also got a nice surprise: a mention
  3. $1K ARR
    This week Siteoly reached $1K ARR https://siteoly.com - The fastest way to build websites from Google sheets. I know its only ARR but not MRR but it's
  4. Hit $500 MRR. Shipped Analytics.
    Super excited to share that I finally hit my goal of getting newclick.io to $500 MRR, the original goal I had set for myself way back in January. Some
  5. Sold 100 Thankboxes (on anniversary of the idea)
    To say I am excited would be an understatement. I am absolutely buzzing! I discovered that on this day last year I had written down the idea of what
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