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New Milestone
  1. cannon copywriting
    one value one offer targeting coaches and content creators
  2. Launching the first tool for Youtuberhacks.com 🛠
    What? We're launching the first Acquisition Stage product for our latest project and its purpose is to identify niches that are blowing up on YouTube
  3. We have 1363 registered hosts
    As of today, we've 1363 HOSTS registered on our platform in over 100+ countries. That's 1363 places in the world where volunteer helpers can visit and
  4. New feature decreases MRR
    Usually when we release new features for our email marketing tool, the purpose is to provide more value to customers and increase our bottom line. Not
  5. First Payment!
    Birdflow has now gone from concept to payment in 4 weeks, and it's the fastest time from nothing to revenue for any project I have ever built. There a
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