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New Milestone
  1. Get Niche Inspiration from Top Shopify Stores
    As we all know, e-commerce today is very competitive. Whether you need inspiration, information or insight, it's vital to know how the most successful
  2. Efficient Way to Find Niches
    Compare to Ecomhunt, FindNiche recommends over 4000 niche products for you daily. No matter what kind of products your Shopify store sells, you can fi
  3. Almost in Orbit: Three More Chapters Available
    Building a Continuous Deployment Pipeline: Software delivery performance is highly correlated with organizational performance, so we'll want to deploy
  4. First eBook version released!
    The first version contains the following chapters: The first chapter describes the "The Sample Todo Application" we created as an example for introduc
  5. Book launch, first 10 sales, 100 subscribers!
    Launched my book, the day after my mailing list passed 100 people 🎉 After about 6 months of planning, editing, coding and writing in my spare time, t
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