New Milestone
  1. Bought the domain -
    Based on feedback on here and from others, I've bought and updated the CNAME records. Next step is to get an SSL certificate, whi
  2. Thanks IH, 10+ user signup for beta testing
    MondayMetrics now have more than 10 users to test the application. After couple of weeks reaching IHs and asking them to signup for the beta testing p
  3. Hit 100 Subscribers in 19 Days
    A week ago I posted about how we hit 75 Subscribers. You can read it here:
  4. 50 Early Adopters!
    We overpassed 50 Early Adopters trying the product. Teams are being created, meetings and morale tracking being set up, and we're collecting very usef
  5. Soft launch on Product Hunt
    Although was never gonna be a Product Hunt superstar, it’s good for my mind to just check out this mileston