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New Milestone
  1. First Project "Churchill" launches
    What? Simple, transparent service to leave the Swedish church with a free option to replace a bunch of scam services that already exist Whose idea Mat
  2. On my way to Ramen Profitability
    Feel Guut is now making $400 a month, not enough to cover my rent and expenses! But on the way. Probably the biggest thing that helped me get here was
  3. Came Up With My Idea
    I actually came up with this idea several months ago but just now putting up the product page here on IH. The core goal is pretty simple: To Make prac
  4. Launched on ProductHunt
    To reach more people I decided to finally launch on ProductHunt. Three Things Daily didn't get on the Top 5, it only placed 6th overall, but I'm still
  5. v1.0.7 - Beta
    Loopple v1.0.7 - Beta is here. This update has the following changes: - I added Soft UI Dashboard theme (Soft UI Dashboard is a Bootstrap 5 Template w
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