New Milestone
  1. Pivoted to a simpler product!
    I took the most used feature out of a previous (much more complex Slack app called Morning) and made it standalone. Sadly, Slack didn't approve it for
  2. Finished landing page feedback round
    Uf, this was crazy! So much feedback and refactoring needed. I announced my new landing page and received incredibly valuable feedback:
  3. My first ever Product Hunt launch
    Yesterday I launched my new project,, on Product Hunt. It's my first PH launch and I had no idea what to expect. Never wanting to be
  4. Opened up Private Beta
    It took months to finally open up the private beta here on Indie Hackers. We are really excited to see the great number of people who joined beta on t
  5. New: Native aMember integration
    We've released more native integrations with shopping carts / membership and learning management systems. This time the integration is with aMember. W
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