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New Milestone
  1. $200 MRR and 40 paying customers
    This past weekend Thread Creator achieved two great milestones. Making it past $200 in monthly recurring revenue was a big step in this journey. It ha
  2. Released MVP
    My normal development speed would be faster, but I'm writing my Full Stack SaaS product cookbook and course along side every step I make with ReduxPla
  3. Took a huge step in the right direction?
    Heyyy IH, I'm Moyo and i run NFT Hunt ( https://nfthunt.softr.app ) So, initially when i first started out with NFT Hunt, I had an Homepage then you s
  4. Website redesign: faster and more content
    The previous version of the website contained both the app and all the static public pages. This caused our landing page to be slower so I decided to
  5. First $1 earned
    Version 1.11.0 added the following features, among them, the new subscription model with payment gateway: ✅ Added a user profile and the ability to lo
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