New Milestone
  1. 10,000 page views in a day
    !Google Analytics graph OK, SaaSHub had 10,000 page views yesterday. This may not seem m
  2. First re-activation from a churned customer
    Since the launch of ScrapingBee, we've had several churned customers each month. That's sad 馃槙 Each time we send a personalized email asking for the r
  3. 100+ Downloads to our Startup Guide
    When we first launched the Startup Guide we thought no one will download it, we were not sure how to drive traffic to our website. Last Sunday we deci
  4. nottr 1.0.6 Released
    Today I released a new version of nottr. I've implemented feedback gather from fellow Indie Hackers. Check out the next upcoming features here: http:/
  5. Launched on Product Hunt (trending now)!
    Yes! We have finally launched Flexiple on ProductHunt 馃榾 You can find Flexiple on PH's homepage - About Flexiple Flexiple is a ne