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New Milestone
  1. 💪 Highest promotion so far!
    Yesterday, we made a deal for 2 weeks promotion on Owwly. It’s the longest time when a product will be featured on our service! Big thanks to Capté! I
  2. $7600 MRR!
    Well, I suppose it has been about a year that anything has been updated here. This is Molly, the founder, and I'm going to try to be more active on he
  3. Product Hunt Launch
    We were hunted by Wes Bos to reach all new audiences on Product Hunt! Since the launch we've added loads of useful features and fixes to the product a
  4. Credit card requirement removed
    Introducing the free trial didn't get visitors to sign up either. I've now removed the credit card requirement, anybody willing to fill in the sign up
  5. Builds released and ready for download
    TapeX is a free to use desktop screen recorder for Mac and Windows. I was having a hard time recording demos for my products and decided it was time t
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