New Milestone
  1. $1,000 MRR! (harder than I anticipated)
    Some of you might know my story, but I’m the founder of Starter Story. Over the past year, I’ve been working on a product called Pigeon. Anyways, Pige
  2. First paying customer! Not who we expected
    5 weeks after launching Lowdown out of beta we finally managed to bring on board a paying customer! It feels great to know s
  3. Shared Our Profit Sharing Model
    Now that our 8th ConvertKit team retreat is wrapped up, we often get questions about profit sharing. By running with a relatively small team for our r
  4. Top 5 on Google!
    It took a while but I was finally able to get the Google algorithm to play nice with Koala Rank. We have multiple blog posts ranking at the moment, wi
  5. Published my first blog post
    Hoping to rank for more keywords, I started blogging on Learn JavaScript's blog. The content are geared towards begi