New Milestone
  1. More features and content
    馃搱 Very excited to see many of you finding useful. We've been working behind the scene to add more features and make it even easier for
  2. Came up with an idea and shipped a working product
    While stuck at home, without an access to TV, it was been difficult be on top of the latest news. Sure, we have news network's official websites and Y
  3. Deployed the website on DigitalOcean
    This was a challenge. I was stuck with GoDaddy shared hosting for a long-time, a couple of domains and working websites, mostly Wordpress CMS, comfort
  4. Product Hunt Launch
    Finally launched List of Investor on Product hunt. I made a few iterations to the platform based on the feedback I received here last week. Few users
  5. CRM for Freelancers landingpage
    Launched CRM for freelancers landingpage on The idea is to help new freelancers structure their sales through
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