New Milestone
  1. Signed up as a Mentor on MentorCruise
    Many years ago, I thought I was a programmer and would stay one for life. Then, all of a sudden, I became an Entrepreneur. Then, a long time after tha
  2. 50% drop in revenue for the first time in 1 year
    Month on Month growth decreases for the first time in last 15 months of Visa List. 💸 $3,838 Monthly Revenue (-50%) 🛠️ $80 Monthly Cost (50%) 🚦 928K
  3. March 2020 Update
    I decided to make Voxes open startup. Every month I will make honest update of most important metrics and features. I launched at the beginning of Feb
  4. Our first review
    Here it is - Came across That App Show project in an [IH comment](
  5. Rebranded and launched on Product Hunt!
    We rebranded FounderPhone to Convey. We started FounderPhone for B2B founders to maintain a personal relationship with their customers via text, but t
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