Hi I'm Joe Finn, living in the south San Francisco bay area.

I'm building an ecommerce arbitrage software that will find products to resell from marketplace A to marketplace B (where A and B can be pretty much any ecommerce website) at a profit.

Probably I'm not the typical entrepreneur here. First of all I'm not 20yo, more like 3x that ;) Second, I have about 40 years of experience working in developer jobs at big and small companies all over the bay area. Third, I'm self-funded and am working according to a well planned roadmap, aiming to hit general availability of my software, Dojo Arbitrage, before Q4 2018.

Why am I on IH? Well first I love to see the Products section and its success stories. And this forum is tops for support, idea validation, and suggestions -- it certainly helped me make lots of fast progress since I quit the day job in October 2017.

So there you have it.

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