My name is Edward J. Ross -

I am the Founder & CEO of , a New York City based technology firm specializing in Product Design, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Technology, Robotics, IOT. is The World’s 1st and Only fully 3-dimensional search engine , powered by IBM Watson .

As a Product Designer, I have created innovative products for multiple startups .

One of my most notable accomplishments was being elected Team leader of New York City Team for the Google Lunar X Prize , which was a project sponsor by Google to Launch , Land & Deploy a robotics package on the surface of earths Moon & transmit a video signal back to earth.

SOME of my concept & designs for the Lunar Robotic project sponsors included..

The Lunar Rover; The Webcam-Enabled Terrarium Experiment to study the growth of plants, insects & earthworms in a microgravity environment ; The Lunar based Optical, X Ray & Radio Telescope Experiments Packages and The creation of chain suspended Jewelry box pendulum , mounted on an arch, containing a full diamond set of earrings, bracelet, ring, watch & necklace. A gift from our Jewelry store sponsor, for the first woman to walk the surface of the Moon.

I am looking forward to the beta launch of my latest creation – was built 3 Dimensionally , because the internet is a 3-dimensional space , containing literally billions of destination pages and websites.

In the coming months , will debut a range of innovative , never seen before , products & services that utilize several different interactive approaches to visualizing the Internet , giving our users the creative firepower to assist them in launching their own successful endeavors .

These advanced features will give Millions of users enhanced capabilities and teach users how to profitably traverse across the hidden Architecture of Cyberspace.

Because a Great search tool should always answer the users fundamental question of..

Whats Out There ?

To answer that question for our users , we 1st began with the premise, that is NOT our core product , nor do we simply polish & repackage old goods & sell them.

We utilized our unique skill sets in Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Technology & Advanced programming , to create an amazing product . is the very 1st to launch .

In addition , we have created 5 unique , never seen before tools that will change the way you see the world forever -the way you do business , advertise , buy & sell goods , connect with people needing your services , the way you create , find a Date or...a Soul Mate , giving our users several powerful & incredible tools to help them discover and expand their capabilities .

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