I love listening to the IndieHackers podcast and listening to the stories of other founders who have taken the insane journey of bootstrapping a company. I started working on my own project in October 2017 and joined IndieHackers to become part of a community that I suspect has lots of people going through similar things as me. Also, feedback on my businesses would be really useful too.

My SaaS business, Two Factor Buddy (2FB), is a two factor authentication (2FA) manager that helps end-users avoid falling victim to phishing attacks, save time while logging in with 2FA, and educate themselves about which third party services offer 2FA in the first place.

I am also focusing on All Things Auth, which is a community and collection of resources aimed at helping service providers and end-users work together to solve authentication ("who are you?") and authorization ("what are you allowed to do?") challenges online.

I have been working as a software engineer for ~8 years, so it likely isn't surprising that most of my challenges are related to marketing and sales.

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