October 17, 2018

Contact Cache: Seeking feedback on a landing page and product idea

Edit 2019: Contact Cache is now public & read more about it in my new IH post: https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/private-contact-and-relationship-manager-with-client-side-encryption-8d26d1d142.


Original post:

It has been more than a year since I wanted to have some sort of “personal relationship manager”. In other words I needed a tool to write down notes about people since I am always forgetful. And since at that time I didn’t find anything satisfactory, I decided to build an app for myself that would allow me to do exactly that.

During the development I realized that I am not building only a note-taking application, but also a personal contact manager, because it makes sense to have all of the data together.

At the same time, I was thinking whether some of my friends or other people would use an app like that. I realized that I don’t want people to worry about anyone looking at their data or stealing them since they can be very sensitive. That’s why I made the decision to use client-side encryption for all of the stored data so that the server can never read it.

I named the application Contact Cache. It aims to be a secure contact and personal relationship manager in one app that will help you to remember important information and stay in touch.

I have a new landing page for now, before the product is ready to be tested:


I also have a blog where I will be writing about the development, programming, being "maker", etc.:


Please let me know what you think!

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    Hey Petr,

    This sounds AMAZING!

    I, too, have a terrible memory.

    As a copywriter, I must say, the landing page is well-written. I don't see that often.

    It's great that you wrote a story about why you made the product. The message will resonate most with the people who feel this pain.

    For example, I was in a workshop the other day and the workshop leader asked me a question to which I should've known the answers but I froze and had to quickly open up my laptop. It took forever.

    To your success!

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      Thank you for the kind words Veronika!

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          Hi Veronika, I have launched Contact Cache and wrote a new post about it on IH in case you are interested :-)