December 4, 2017

I finally finished (and shipped) a side project after long time of unproductivness!

Hi guys!

I just published

It's a website where you can post how you spent or wasted your crypto assets when their value were next to nothing and now you maybe hate yourself for that 🤭.

It doesn't get much traction but I'm super happy anyway. For the long time I was fighting with depression and wasn't able to actually deliver anything. This weekend I somehow just decided and created it. I don't know really why 😀.

Tell me what you think!

Edit: the website is on Producthunt and it's getting a little bit traction now. If you like it make sure to check it out

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    Oh fun site, congrats on launching.

    Might be cool to collect some of the posts you see on Reddit and other places where people talk about their lost wallets or how they lost their Bitcoin. Also less reliant on people submitting their own stories that way.

    Might also be nice to have a sum of the total amount of lost Bitcoin.

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      That total sum idea is cool, I just implemented it (!

      And I'll keep an eye on reddit posts.

      Thank you for feedback, Mubs!

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        Nice, that's a big number! :)

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    That's an interesting page! People can learn from the experience of others. I agree with Mubs that more content and stories would be cool. Then, filtering per crypto money would be useful. Also, a small upvote system to offer the community to bring out interesting stories would be awesome.

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      Glad you like it!

      Filtering per crypto is definitely on the way. I didn't think about upvote system but it seems like a good idea.


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    Neat! Congratulations on launching. Looks like a fun site.


    I got high on LSD and had a bad trip, causing me to go crazy and set my laptop on fire. I thought my laptop was garden gnome, that was trying to kill me. FML

    Not sure if you've thought about monetization, but I could see digital currency-related services finding this a good place to advertise (e.g., "Don't be like them, stay safe with...") or exploring referral/affiliate programs.

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      I thought about monetisation a little bit, mostly advertising.

      My main concern now is how to make people keep coming on the site. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and don't really have any solid idea how to make people to come on the site. 😂

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    Really cool idea for a website!

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    Guess this will cheer up a lot of people. There are not alone in losing or missing the bitcoin ride to the moon

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    I am liking your website. Very simple, but very easy to just go through. Too bad I haven't tried to play with bitcoin so I could post my experiences. Only play the stock market.

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    The website looks great. It would be great to see a search and filter functionality once there are more stores.

    Also, I am curious as to know how you are using google spreadsheets to store the data.

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      Thank you!

      Posting data to spreadsheet is basically using google forms but with a custom form. You deploy your spreadsheet as a web app and then do a little bit of coding using Google Script.

      Reading from spreadsheet is little bit complicated in the manner of CORS. You can either setup your own server and create some basic API or you can find few services which enable you CORS requests directly from frontend.

      You can find a several articles on this topic. These two are explaining it nicely. If you end up with some problem just ask. Maybe I can help 😊.

      Posting to spreadsheet -

      Reading from spreadsheet -

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        Will do. Thank you for the links!

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    This is fantastic - great job!

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      Thank you, Nick!

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    Congratulations on launching!

    It's a fun little website, and i can imagine the feeling of just having something out there.

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    Frankly, this is a very depressing topic for the website.

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    So Far 💰11,743,400,000,386,500,000 Have Been Lost

    Congratulations on launching. Looks fun and simple.

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      That was someone trying to submit ridiculous amount of BTC.

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    I struggle to come up with ideas for things to create. This is a great example of making something simple and putting it out there.

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      Hi! Don't think about it too much. The point is you'll actually ship something. The product/idea will change during the process anyway (often in a very significant way).

      Good luck!

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    Sounds like somthing Adam @surfcoderepeat could be interested in - If you play the IH card he might even do a shoutout to his crypto audience ;-)

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      Thanks for the tip. I’ll contact him on Twitter :)

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    I love this idea! Great execution and the design is nice.

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully, you get some more traction on it. I can imagine this being interesting to Reddit or maybe a BuzzFeed writer

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      Thank you!

      I already posted on /r/cryptocurrency and /r/bitcoin

      Not really sure how to get to BuzzFeed writer though.

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    You should post this on the MtgoxInsolvency forum. In some cases it might even motivate people to action. Or you may have unwittingly formed the basis of a dispute resolution system sorely needed for blockchains. Huge potential .. massive ($$$$$$$) problem

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      I'm afraid I'm out of the loop on this one. Could you please elaborate?

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        Many people lost lots of Bitcoins when MtGox went bankrupt. There is a reddit forum called mtgoxinsolvency where people gripe and plan their response.