I'm Nino and I'm the founder&owner of Raverus, Croatian based company with 3k+ clients. We are specialized for development of different business applications/solutions, especially in these areas:

  • anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing,

  • financial services/reporting (fiscalization, notes to the financial statements),

  • time&attendance management,

  • personal data protection and user assistance.

Recently we launched two spin-off projects, GDPR HQ (https://www.gdprhq.io/ - open source client SDK & SaaS solution for GDPR compliance for software companies) and Guideblocks (https://Guideblocks.com - SaaS solution for dynamic help and user onboarding).

I initially visited IndieHackers to promote these new projects - but - after browsing a while, it seems like a place to stay, to ask, to answer, to comment, to read, ... :)

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