My name is Hiram and I work as a Financial Services Consultant for a Big4 accounting firm. I also run an eCommerce venture called Tee Tweets that allows you to wear any tweet in the world.

I have a huge list of business ideas written down and I'm trying to launch them all and run them successfully before I die. Guess you could say that's unrealistic, but I'm full of aspiration and practicality all at once. Hoping to get my next venture up and running in the next few weeks.

Though I'm not a very technical founder, I did major in Informatics, so I'm familiar with Python, SQL, HTML/CSS.

I'm planning on launching a few apps in the near future, but I'm not familiar with Swift/Java, so I'm hoping to learn more about the non-technical ways of creating an MVP and launching it.

Ask me anything–happy to help with anything that I can!

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