Risking It All to Follow My Dream as a Solo Founder

What is Commando.io?

Commando.io is a simpler way to manage servers online. Commando.io makes it simple to execute commands on groups of servers from a beautiful web interface. Dropbox simplified online storage, GitHub simplified revision control, and Commando.io is simplifying server management.

Our fundamental goal is to empower users to be more efficient, improve their workflow, and eliminate anxiety over server provisioning, maintenance, and deployment. We are the control panel for DevOps, disrupting the entire market.

Can you tell us about running Commando.io?

I could literally talk for hours about running a bootstrapped company as a single founder. I've put everything I have into the company. My life savings (twice over), waves of constant stress, and declined lucrative offers at other bay area startups. Commando.io is my life's work. I truly love working on it.

How have you funded your business?

I've funded things from my own savings, and various tech consulting jobs in San Francisco when cash ran low. There were some seriously stressful times where I literally had less than $1,000 in my checking account and was on the verge of a mental and emotional breakdown. Thankfully, I always found great people and companies that needed design or engineering work that I could consult for.

What are your goals for yourself and your business?

I don't want to raise money and do the traditional SF VC and pitch deal. I'm perfectly happy having a lifestyle business. I'm actually traveling the world and working on Commando.io, doing the digital nomad experience. I just spent three weeks in Stockholm, Sweden. As I type this, I am in Romania. Next up are Prague, Berlin, and then probably back to South America (Chile).

How does Commando.io make money?

Our typical customers are small businesses and startups, usually having less than 100 servers. We charge monthly subscription fees that you can see here.

Our revenue hovers at around $2,000 a month.

Where can we learn more?

Visit our site at www.commando.io or follow us on Twitter at @commando_io.

You can also leave a comment below, and I'll try to get back to you!

Justin Keller , Creator of Commando.io

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