I bootstrapped Muezbiz.com out of necessity. The MVP is live, warts and all.

This is an out of the box idea enabling music fans to make money representing musician’s music, merchandise, and tickets.

Any member can set up genre specific stores for free, adding genre specific content to their store. Whenever they converse or share into genre specific local conversations and global clubs, an icon appears telling other users what category the member user is at time of posting: fan, publisher, or retailer (representative). When other members select the retailer icon, they can buy from someone local instead of iTunes or Amazon. Publishing content is free.

Data is queried by region and genre, and requires a signup.

Dedication to an idea has brought me to this point. Now I'm focusing on becoming an entrepreneur. Probably backwards thinking. I'm afraid I have run this course many times before.

Thanks to all who have read this far. Yup. I'm a crazy guy doing crazy things.

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