My name is Jiakuan Wang, my friends also call me Jake. I've been making software since 2002, mainly using Java and Qt/C++.

During my career, which has involved pursuing the various facets of software development, I have focused on building robust and scalable enterprise applications, cloud based services, parallel computing, and in the analyses of large scale data-sets. I have a vast range of development experience, spanning desktop, web and mobile application development environments.

In my early career, I worked at a publicly-funded research center exploring fiscal analysis and supporting methodologies. I later joined Oracle Corporation, developing a component of their enterprise product suite. I subsequently worked with Thomson Reuters, where I was in charge of a component of a high-concurrency real-time trading system.

After that, I have worked with start-ups, in both developer and expert advisory capacities; I have developed a raft of innovative software products, across a range of industries including bio-tech big-data analytics, music video service delivery, IP (intellectual property) data analytics and large-scale digital content management systems.

I co-founded Wise Time in 2012, which was acquired by IPH, an Australia public company, in 2015. Now I'm starting a new journal to build Document Node.

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