Our mission is to make starting and growing a business online accessible to anyone. We're building ecommerce tools and products to help our customers go from 'idea' to 'actual revenue' without having to write code.

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We joined Indie Hackers to gain inspirational feedback from makers, entrepreneurs, designers, and everyone in-between. In our opinion, the best way to develop growth-trending products is to listen to and address the pain points in todays markets.

Drew Wilson, the founder and CEO of Plasso, created Shape to unite entrepreneurs in the San Diego area. Similar to Indie Hackers, Shape provides a place for aspiring creators to gain valuable feedback on growing their business.

What else about Plasso?

  • Our pop-up payment modal and Cart can be embedded in seconds with a single line of code.

  • Plasso handles flexible subscription payments, invoices, and one-off purchases through a beautifully designed and secure User Interface.

  • We have Startup pricing available for as little as $0/mo.

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