September 11, 2019

I need feedback for BulmaExpression

Hello Indiehackers!

I have redesigned BulmaExpression, and I really need feedback on the landing page.

What do you guys think about this pitch?

  • Grab & Go templates and resources made for Bulma.

Designed to help jumpstart your website's foundation by providing you with the building block to build your business on while modifying on the Bulma framework.

Thank you so much I really need this.


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    Hi Michael,

    I find your themes really nicely done. Templates often have a cookie-cutter feel, but there is some originality in your designs, especially the admin panels - really suprised to see original touches.

    On a more general note, I know bulma is popular with the Vue Js community, but do you think flexbox or utility frameworks like tailwind will make classic component based frameworks redundant. I mean for most sites, you'll need to restyle the components anyway so why not start with a fresh canvas?

    P.S The preview look for dark admin panel is broken.

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      the link should work now !

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      or...without styling them?

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      Hey Webapppro,

      Thank you for your feedback a d nice comment.

      Do you mean like , to do them without a framework?

      Thank you again

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        I mean you've invested in Bulma as a framework. Yet frameworks mainly existed because handling responsiveness, grids and alignments manually was too difficult, and also as a shortcut for devs who don't want to worry about styling.

        I suppose what I'm asking, as you are clearly a CSS pro, if you where starting out today: would you learn a framework or just write pure CSS given how powerful flexbox and native grid is, and given that fact that any custom site involves overwriting framework defaults anyway.

        To frame it another way, has the abstraction value of a CSS framework become redundant, because it's now easier than ever to work with CSS directly? I.e it's less effort to learn CSS (box model, flexbox, grid), then every subclass of bootstrap.

        Or yet another anology: people used to use coffeescript or jquery to avoid certain problems with JS. New version of JS, or improvements in browser APIs, fixed those problems - meaning those abstractions were no longer needed - as it was just simpler to write modern JS. Has this happened to CSS, in your opinion?

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          Hey Webappro,

          Well, a direct answer to your question it would be that, there's always going to be CSS, JS, etc,..frameworks, more or less used.

          The long answer is that...

          ...taking into account:

          • The grand amount of people learning development

          • The backend guy wishing to be quickly building the front-end part, that does not have so much time to learn CSS properly.

          • The company that wants to set up a one-pager site.

          I can also tell you that from late 2017 I have seen an increase in Bulma development and lots of devs are ditching Bootstrap. I personally think that Bootstrap is overrated, and it has to be used because a huge number of companies are using it day by day.

          For example, I have used bootstrap un my first website, in 2017 that was first and last.

          Regarding the last analogy...

          Yes, I completely agree with your point of view there.

          but I also think that it might be easier to start from scratch but it won't be as quick as a CSS framework where is giving you the code to paste it and saving you amounts of time.

          For example, my site is built with Bulma, and the amount of CSS that I have used is ridiculously low.

          Thank you so much for your question.

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    Hi Michael,

    I've recently started using Bulma!

    Feedback on the Landing Page,

    I like the color scheme and typography. A few things you might want to take a look at.

    1. The red text on the strongly colored background is a bit distracting. Might cause accessibility issues.

    2. The landing page should have some examples right up front for a developer to see. It's one of the reasons I love animate.css

    Feedback on the pitch,

    The pitch delivers the core message but is a little wordy. I would remove or rework the last little bit, "while modifying on the Bulma framework".

    Keep me updated!


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      Hey @sssaini !

      Yes, is true, the orange text is pretty disturbing, right?

      Regarding the typography I might change the H1's to a nicer one.

      I really don't come with an idea for the orange hero text though. But what I am sure is thay I wanna have that bg right there where it is, the pattern.

      Regarding the Pitch. I tried what you have said but it still too wordy to me too..

      Regarding the examples, you mean having the themes right on the first page?

      Thank you so much for your feedback

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        For H1, maybe a highly contrasting color to the pattern so it's easier to see.

        For the pitch, the core of your message is essentially, "Jumpstart your website with Bulma building blocks", everything else is secondary.

        For the examples, I would rather see the snippets on the front page than demos. Possibly, both :)

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          I made a clip-path on the pattern so it has a white space where the text falls. But I saw that on mobile,...was really bad.

          Regarding the pitch sounds much better the way you said it,