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Hey there,

My name is Nicola, i am the CEO and co-founder at a young travel company called Offtryp.
Our website is live since a month and a half, but our CTO unfortunately had to leave us for personal reasons just a few days ago, so we definitely need to fill that seat fast (CTO is a pillar role for us, therefore we are willing to give out equity, as we did with the previous CTO).

  • frameworks used are Next.JS, React (frontend), Ruby, PostgreSQL(backend), GraphQL

About Offtryp: we are live with a complete MVP (, check it out!) that allows travelers to digitally explore a country based on their interests, and to receive in the matter of hours a complete trip proposal made from local travel agencies around the world. Our goal however is to create a platform where travelers will be able to build an entire trip inclusive of all services autonomously.
Compared to all the other travel websites, we don't sell pre-made packages or bundle services, we really want people to be able to build an entire personalized trip, step by step and inclusive of all services, using our platform. We focus on things to see rather than just services, which also allows us to taylor on the customer needs.

As a company: we were incorporated in august 2019, then covid hit so we were stalling for a while.
Received a 180K pre-seed investment in February 2020 and are now raising a 1M seed round that we should close before February (we are already talking to a bunch of VCs that are showing good interest and found co-investors - we're looking for a lead.)

About You:
Ideally, we are looking for a very laid-back person that loves traveling as much as we do and that believes in the product as much as we do (essential). We really want to find the right person, make him/her partner of the company and go for the long term. Good english is essential.
The work until the closing of the investment is just understanding well the code, overall maintenance, and fixing a few bugs here and there (i would say max. 3hrs per week), therefore even if you have a job at the moment it's not a problem. We are able to pay but unfortunately not very much at the moment :(
We are however expecting you to join the company full-time at the closing of the investment (roughly February) as we'll be able to pay competitive wages (and you'll have shares so it's for the best interest).

Team: Team is made of 3 at the moment, all very easy going and fully committed to this project and working exclusively for it. I take care of the management side/investor relations at the moment, Alice (co-founder) takes care of everything that is related to content on the website and contacts with local agencies around the world, and Gaia (first investor) is doing marketing and supporting Alice. We're all travel geeks, super passionate about what we're doing and overall very chilled persons!

If the opportunity might interest you, hit me back at my email and we can setup a call where i can guide you through the project, our expectations and the timeline we were thinking :).


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