December 3, 2019

AudioStaq Podcast Platform Launch!

Gabriel Pendleton @gabethegeek

AudioStaq Podcast Platform Launch! Looking for early users.

Today we’re launching AudioStaq on Indie Hackers! An enterprise podcast platform for brands and Influencers.

We’ve put quite some work into building this platform and have worked with a couple NPR, Fox Sports, and Tribune Media Properties. Also, some smaller podcasters and influencers.

What makes us different: We offer enterprise tools at an affordable option, great customer service, easy to use platform. We want podcasters to profit.

Here are some cool features.

  • Three versions of our embeddable web player, Standard, Slim, and Playlist -

  • Create Networks on the fly with network pages and show pages.

  • Dynamic Ads Manager/Campaign Manager

  • Support for 3rd Party tracking via Google Analytics, Facebook, Podtrac and more

  • Integrations coming soon, Spotify, Email, and more.

I'm excited for anyone who wants to try us out and give us a shot! I'd love your feedback.

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