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First paid customer on Leap Day

I had two trial sign-ups in February who didn't covert. Got a third on 25th February, who ordered the full product on 28th February. I was thinking - dang, I wish he'd been a bit earlier and I could say I got my first customer in February. I completely forgot this was a Leap Year!

I then decided to be ultra-cautious and not count him until I received payment. This beautiful customer paid on the 29th February at 11:30 pm my time. Woo-hoo!

I asked him how he'd found my landing page, so this may be the interesting part for anybody else. I had ignored four competitors until two weeks ago when I did a check-up on their offerings. Two are free chrome extensions, and I discovered they no longer work. One has formally discontinued (but left their extension on the store), and the other has no update in 6 months.

So I wrote two separate blog post reviews, aiming at SEO on the defunct product names. Very respectful, explaining with regret how and why they were no longer functional. Then describing my service as an alternative.

My customer confirmed that "searching for them led me to your site where you reviewed both".

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    This is pretty cool man. Congrats! Kudos for writing respectful reviews.

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