January 23, 2021

🙂 Friendly is an LLC now!

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter

When I launched Friendly just under a year ago, I wanted to get started as quickly and easily as possible, in line with the lean startup philosophy.

That’s why I deliberately didn’t set up an own company for Friendly yet, but initially handled all sales through my existing company – the agency Wortspiel.

In the meantime, Friendly has “grown up” and stands on its own two feet financially. For me, it is an important signal to reflect this in the legal status as well.

Since last week Friendly LLC is registered in the Swiss commercial register. By the end of this quarter, we will transfer all contracts from Wortspiel to the new Friendly LLC.

Many thanks to all customers who have already put their trust in us and made this step possible!

  1. 2

    Don't forget to file a trademark in Europe as well. It's a good move to protect your brand from stealing by your competitiors (aka brand search in google)

  2. 1

    Congrats! That's amazing. Good luck with your LLC and wish you at least 2× the MRR 🔥

  3. 0

    help, ? why swiss registration, im in pennsylvania usa, suggests please , can i do doman name website , later register as LLC

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