January 17, 2020

Makerpad profiles - (like GitHub for no-coders)

Ben Tossell @bentossell

All built without code of course!

What a GitHub profile is to a developer, Makerpad profiles are for no-coders.

  • browse users
  • submit posts + categorise
  • say which Tools you use
  • say what you've built (marketplaces, workflows etc)

If you want to request a profile invite: https://forum.makerpad.co/t/makerpad-profiles/109

Here's the announcement: https://twitter.com/bentossell/status/1217830213230514177

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    • Hire expensive developers

    As a developer, I'm a little offended.

    Just kidding, I actually really like the idea. I've been a developer for most of my life. I hang out with other developers and the truth is, we kinda forget sometimes that most people on the planet don't know how to code. Amazing work my friend.

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    Hi, good day to you Ben .

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    This is a really good idea. Those who have less or no knowledge of programming language will benefit from it.

    Do you have a free plan, cause some users to want to try it out before they make a purchase, I feel like you should plan for something like freemium.

    But it's one of the best things anyway, and I can see that this new platform is going to be a success.

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      We have tons of free content on the site already. We've played around with lots of pricing plans and the current one works for us.

      The difficulty with a free platform is having people who may not be your best user so we focus on getting the right people at the right time.

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        Oh, yeah, that's right. This way, you're going to have those people on your website who are really looking for services.

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          I don't know if I'm right! But it's what we've seen so it's currently what we're doing.