November 12, 2019

Raised prices by 5x

Today I launched new pricing plans at a higher price point than before. (existing customers stay at their original price point).

I think as indie hackers we have a tendency to under-price our products. Part of this is a natural fear of asking for more money for something we've created. Another part is that we are following the crowd of other indie hackers charging < $10 a month for a SaaS product.

Well, I've had enough of that! ;)

Today I'm realigning my roadmap. My lowest pricing tier is now $49 per month with a mid tier at $99 per month. This automatically puts you in a different headspace when thinking about the product roadmap. I should be able to deliver $99 worth of value every month to the right customer - maybe I need to tweak the feature set and maybe I need to work at finding the right customer segment, but I feel it will be more productive than scrabbling around for $9 subscriptions from other indie hackers.

Nothing against indie hackers (I am one after all!) but we shouldn't be pricing our products for the indie market, IMO. It's unsustainable.

More details in the blog post below!

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