Ready for Beta Launch

I wasted the last 2 weeks thinking that I had to wait for Pocket to review the app, but apparently, I don't have to 😁

So I'm just fine-tuning a few things here and there and I'll be onboarding beta users!

If you want to:

  • save newsletters to Pocket
  • save RSS feeds to Pocket (save new articles automatically)
  • (coming soon: Twitter threads, the right way)

Signup now for waiting list: https://pocketfunnel.co

Beta Users will get 1 year of Premium Membership to save as many items as they wish.

  1. 1

    Interesting! Werid q, but is Pocket ok with this? What is the thinking on the benefit of RSS into Pocket?

    1. 1

      I've tried to reach out to them for the last 2 months without any answer but I guess if their API allows it and it's different than what they offer than it should be okay...

      And to be honest I don't want to think too hard about obstacles like these. It's already hard enough to ship something 😅

      I was using another platform to read RSS but I hated that every time I wanted to read something I had to choose between Pocket and RSS reader. It was enough friction for me not to read at all...

      1. 1

        Def, good points :)

        I use Pocket for articles I want to save for all time and find easily. And, I use a RSS reader to keep an eye on my fav sites and bloggers, but I only save 1 article in 100 usually. I totally get it now that I see how you are using it.

        1. 2

          No, you're right, you probably don't want to save every single new article. I'm still looking for a way to filter them without needing too much energy/interaction:

          • a weekly email with a list and you can select once, in batch?
          • automated based on what you read the most?

          I'm open to suggestions and I hope the beta will help me understand what is more convenient for everyone

          1. 1

            So kinda like a RSS feed with Pocket integration almost?

            1. 2

              Not exactly. Feedly is a great RSS feed with a save to Pocket button integrate but I just don't like how it takes so much time to go through all the new articles and save them to Pocket one by one. Doesn't leave much time to actually read 😅

              The goal behind PocketFunnel is to help reading (almost) everything you can find on the web by removing unnecessary friction/effort.

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