January 21, 2020

Got 100 responses

Ferenc Forgacs @feriforgacs

I thought it would be easier to reach this goal. It took only a week to get the first 50 responses and almost a month to get 50 more.

These were my distribution channels to get responses:

  • Twitter: after I created the landing page for the survey I also created a twitter profile for the report, shared a tweet about the survey than retweeted it with my personal profile. I have just a few hundred followers and only a few of them are makers so I didn't expect a lot of responses from this resource, still, I got a few.
  • Product Hunt Maker discussions: I haven't created a standalone post about the report but shared it as a comment in a thread. This was a pretty popular discussion with more than 100 comments and the one about the Maker Report was the first and that generated about 20 responses.
  • Product Hunt Maker goals: I created a goal to reach 100 responses almost right after I published the survey, and I also included the URL of the landing page in the description of that goal. I haven't tracked it but I think I got lots of responses through that as well (the goal got more than 50 cheers, so I reached at least 50 potential "customers" with that)
  • Hacker News: I created 2 Ask HN posts on Hacker News. I don't think I got any responses from that source. The first time I got a few comments, the second time I got only one.
  • Reddit: I shared the survey on 3 Reddit channels (r/indiebiz, r/IndieDev, r/SideProject). I got 4 upvotes and 1 comment for my post on r/SideProject and that's all. Not sure if that generated any responses.
  • Indie Hackers: I created a post about the report here and I also added it as a product to my profile. The post wasn't really popular, and I'm not sure if anyone saw the product page.
  • Makerlog: I started a discussion on Makerlog about the survey, I didn't get any response there but after I published the discussion, I saw a small bump in the number of responses (the discussion was also shared by the Twitter profile of Makerlog)
  • Twitter follows: I spent quite a lot of time on twitter searching for makers and although it was really time-consuming it seemed effective (I got a new response after I followed about 15-20 profiles and some of the profiles also followed back the Maker Report profile)
  • DM: I spent DMs to the makers I know previously and asked them to complete the survey. Almost all of the responded immediately and completed the survey. So I'd like to send them a huge hug 🤗

I haven't used short URLs or URL parameters to track my sources but I think the most effective distribution channel was the comment I made on Product Hunt. After that, I felt that I could get 1 000 responses in a month. Maybe next time 😅
Also, I think this was the first product I spent more time with the distribution than development. The survey wasn't short (it took about 10 minutes to answer all the questions) so I'm happy that 100 makers took the time to complete it.
If you were one of them, I'd like to say thank you 🙏🏻

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