January 13, 2020

Rank 1 and 3 on Google

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

During our time building Versoly there have been many times were we wanted to just unniche ourselves in terms of messaging and positioning.

We had a lot of customers come who were not SaaS companies and it felt like we just rejecting people and companies for no reason.

However the advice given to Indie Hackers is always to niche down.

That advice is paying dividends now. If you Google "SaaS website builder" Versoly comes up in 1st and 3rd place.

We checked this after having a customer tell us he found us on Google which was shocking due to the sheer competition for the keywords we use.

I believe we did this by having a very fast website, Google cares a lot about this. Focusing on certain keywords such as "SaaS website builder". I also think having a great launch on Product Hunt helped a lot.

There are hundreds of website builders out there with a lot more money than us. If you don't use ad block you will see 4 companies bidding for them keywords.

Next step is to get Versoly to outrank the Product Hunt link. That will help drive even more traffic as Google will show top 6 pages of Versoly.

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