November 20, 2019

MVP Launched

Andrew Dear @TheThingCreator

It took around 3 weeks to finish the first prototype of WebCull, at first only releasing it to family and friends. One more week was spent fine tuning everything before it was ready to be shared with the public.

September the 21st will be a day that will never be forgotten in this companies history. I stayed up all night the day before, crunching my to-do list until it was around 3:30 am. I thought about going to bed but I knew I needed to finally share what we had been working on all this time.

So I spent the next couple hours working on the video demonstration for a showoff Saturday post. I didn't have time to put music or anything fancy on the video, I just made a simple screen-capture with zero editing. I posted the video and hoped for the best.

To my surprise I refreshed the page a couple minutes later and seen that there were already 7 upvotes. I was blown away by that and hoping it wasn't just a fluke so I refreshed the page another few minutes later and seen the upvotes had already doubled and the comments were already starting.

I replied to a few comments but I had just stayed up all night to do this post so I had to put it away and stop to go to sleep (not an easy thing to do). By the next day the comments were flooding in and in the end the post had gotten over 700 upvotes and a lot of comments. That day we got over 100 new users, which is not bad for the first day being launched to the public with not much of a game plan.

The comments that we received were very flattering but also contained highly constructive criticism. Right away we started working on the issues brought up to perfect the user experience and the way we represent what the product is to people. The feedback provided by this stage was invaluable and crucial for our continued growth.

Thank you reddit!

Link to the post: