Currently working on Checkbot, a Chrome extension that tests 100s of pages at a time for SEO, speed and security issues (rated 4.9/5 with 15K+ users):

Freelance web and mobile developer with 15+ years experience available for project work. Skilled in JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and PHP, as well as cloud technologies like AWS, Heroku and Firebase. See for projects and endorsements.

Successful examples projects entirely developed and sold by myself:

  • Checkbot for Chrome (, tests if your website follows 50+ SEO, speed and security web best practices. Rated 4.9/5 with 15K+ active users along with paying customers. The frontend and backend work uses TypeScript, Vue, Firebase, Docker, Node, Webpack, Netlify and Paddle. I'm also responsible for the website, UI design and comprehensive best practices guide that goes with the Chrome extension (

  • Fresco for Android (, easy to use yet feature packed digital painting app for phones and tablets. The app features layers, customisable brushes, image filters and more. Rated 4/5, over 500K free downloads, over 10K copies sold. Implemented with Java and C.

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