June 13, 2018

Ask IH: Idea validation

So after my post https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/what-i-have-been-doing-so-far-on-ih-9e2cfabd61 on IH and really some good points and pushes from people, I got up from my bed and started thinking of something which I in my daily work life do a lot and thought may be if I can start it as small application for me and put it live for other people as well. So, here is the problem I am facing.

Since, I am a programmer and like many programmers around when you have to ask some question you have to prepare a SSCCE (http://sscce.org) and most of the times you do not even know what can be the short, self explained thing you can do because of many reasons e.g. lack of technical experience, lack of long term planning etc, so may be if we have a community like SO, Medium, Quora etc where people can help other people how to create an SSCCE for their particular problem.

For example, I want to create an SSCCE where I am facing a problem of integrating OAuth2 with my web application and may be I don't know anything, so I might ask a question with overall specification and people in the community who really would like to help can answer and that answer can help people looking for something similar in future as well.

So, why SO, Quora are not good communities for this particular scenario? I am an active user of SO and these kind of questions are either removed or closed because they are too broad, so what if they are broad and people have different opinions to handle a particular problem and whatever suits for them can be used to present as SSCCE and whoever wants to use it can use it for their future reference to ask specific questions or to extend that.

In the same idea, I was thinking to add one more thing where people can create their scratches (Github call it Gist, Gitlab call it Snippet and other places like ubuntu.paste.com, pastebin.com) and everything is scattered, why not have the same thing in one place as well which people can refer to in future at anytime.

I think, posting here is the first step for me to stop procrastinating and also, I love this community already because of their very positive attitude towards people who know nothing ,what and how they want to do in their life (like me) and help them get on their feet either kindly or strictly ;)

So, my solution to the problem above, what do you think of? Are there enough people facing same problem(s)>?I

Please share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions or extensions if any and I am very open to constructive criticism.