June 13, 2018

What I have been doing so far on IH?

I've been part of this community since last 2 weeks and so far this is what I am doing.

Reading people's post about how they launched the product, what things they learnt, what they are planning to do for future and everytime, I read some post, I say to myself that I should start right now to atleast do something (may be not startup or any idea), something that could help me atleast take a step but everytime I procrastinate.

I would like my IH fellows to help me get rid of this. What's the best possible and practical way to do this, other than just stop being procrastinator :D

Also, if possible, I would like to know how can I best utilize this platform to my advantage/benefit?

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    I'll bite.

    JFDI. I'll post a status update request to this (or your most recent) thread next week. If there isn't one, I'll shame you both here and on my Twitter :)

    See you next week!

    -- Jimmy

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      I must say, I am scared and got out of my bed to really do something :D

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        Woo! Congrats! Small wins at a time! :)

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    Hey @dosdebug

    So the deadline is tomorrow! How are things going so far? Any updates? ;)

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      I have started working on open-nlp and created basic examples of processing text and getting semantics. I am actually working towards making a bot of my own. I know it’s already implemented but I just want to build my own from scratch.

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    Couple of thoughts on your idea...but first, I am a Product Manager, not a developer. So I'm not too familiar with the SSCCE. But I did take a look at it and I came to an interesting observation.

    Let's say we have two people in our example. I'll call one the Questioner. (That's you.) I'll call the other one the Answerer.

    The SSCCE looks to me like a solution developed to solve two problems:

    1. Prevent Questioners from submitting questions which are not well thought out or detailed enough for an answer to be provided. (Example - "how do I build my own computer?", "how do I fix my dot matrix printer?"). Both of these questions are way too broad and any answer provided wouldn't be very meaningful to the questioner. At first, this seems logical, but...

    2. Prevent new questions from being added to the queue by requiring the Questioner to do all of this vetting prior to submitting a question. After all, if the Questioner goes through all of the steps, he is likely to solve his own problem before he even gets the SSCCE form completed! (Which is exactly the point.)

    The interesting part of this thread is to consider who's problem the SSCCE is actually solving - the Questioner or the Answerer? In fact, it's the Answerer's problem that is being solved. That's why it's not working for you - it wasn't designed for you. :) It was designed, literally, to keep people like you out and not bothering Answerers while they do some other "important" task. :)

    Is there room out there for a solution which helps Questioners formulate their questions and get answers from SMEs? Maybe. Probably. But the SSCCE is not it.

    Note there is an offline analogy that came to me while I was writing this - the process described in your link is the equivalent of the person who acts as a gatekeeper...and gatekeepers are ALWAYS created to the benefit of the one on the other side of the gate, not the one trying to get through the gate. :)



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      My friend, you posted in the wrong thread :) This link was referred from https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/ask-ih-idea-validation-9fe58f68a1

      I really appreciate your input and your time you took to validate and provide with suggestions. Looking at your answers seems like my idea validation has failed :D I am going to think more and may be in different perspective but honestly your points are very valid. Much appreciated.

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    Perhaps I can offer some help regarding "at least help take a step but everytime I procrastinate..."

    There is always a reason behind procrastination - be it fear, some unresolved (and perhaps unconcious) blocker, unknown next steps, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, etc. etc. I would suggest the first thing you do is identify why you are procrastinating. Here's an easy way to do that. Get out a piece of paper and start writing, as fast as you can, reasons you MIGHT be procrastinating. Don't analyze the reasons. Just write them down. The first 4 or 5 will be crap and you will eventually ignore those. The exercise is to get yourself to the point where you can start really considering what's stopping you from making progress, and once defined, start slowly but surely overcoming those barriers. When you have written down number 7 or 8, you'll start feeling you are getting closer... :). See if you can get 15 on the page. Then take a break, come back later, and look at the list again. Zero in on the top 3. You'll feel which ones are 'on target'. Then start thinking about what tiny steps you can take to overcome the reason for the procrastination.

    Real-life example -a colleague of mine realized the underlying reason behind her procrastination was that she was overwhelmed when a big project was put in front of her. She reacted to her overwhelmed-ness by procrastinating, because she didn't know how to break down the project into small pieces. She didn't know "how to get started". She really hadn't thought to even do that, since the work effort just seemed big and monstrous. Once she put some thought into how to approach big projects by breaking them down into very small manageable tasks, (and did some research on how to do it) she was able to overcome her procrastination.

    Maybe identifying the underlying reasons behind your procrastination will help you as well.

    Good luck!


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      Thank you for your input and writing things down seem a clear way to handle problems because it signals brain that things are sorted out.

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    I didn't think I would ever suggest this to anyone: Pieter Level's product Go Fucking Do It: https://gofuckingdoit.com

    If you don't deliver, you're going to lose $$$.

    For real: do something tiny. Make a small idea come true. Think of it, build it and most importantly SHIP IT. It will be a hurdle but once you deliver, you'll get instant satisfaction for getting it beyond the finish line.

    Rinse and repeat and do this until you're hooked to delivering.

    It'll help if it is the smallest, easiest idea that might bring in a buck or two.

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    I think having a little background in productivity methods is pretty important in getting the most out of a forum like this. I recommend Getting Things Done and The Four Hour Workweek. Neither are perfect books for everyone, but they will at least offer some insight into how to work towards your goals, and they are fairly quick reads.

    Basically, here's the mindset I have, and I think this works for a lot of people:

    There is never a lack of time to do any particular thing, only a lack of prioritization. You have a list of things that you want to do, whether that's building a business, writing a book, going to the gym, making a youtube video, watching TV, literally anything. Whatever you are currently doing is whatever is at the top of your brain's priority list.

    If you're not getting things done that you want, then you have to go through the work of changing that priority list. That will include breaking bad habits, creating new good habits, and possibly giving up some of the things that you currently enjoy, but are impeding what you really want. You can also decide "I don't want to build a business as badly as I want to play Fortnite", and that is completely fine. It doesn't make you a worse person. It's just a decision you have to make for yourself.

    I'm also not saying that the priority list can't change over the course of a day. I'm working hard on my business, but sometimes I realize my brain isn't getting it done, and so I shift the priority a bit to watch some YouTube and check my email. That's okay too! But it's still all about prioritization.

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      Wow this is really encouraging, soothing and less scary. Thank you very much. I think, I will have to agree with defining my priority list and training my brain accordingly with practice.