The Indie Hackers Podcast February 22, 2017

Succeeding in a Crowded Market by Building a Niche Business with Garrett Dimon of Sifter

Episode #004

How do you cut through the noise and stand out among the competition so you can start landing your first customers? Garrett Dimon, the creator of Sifter, explains how he did it. Brought to you by SparkPost.

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    Garrett's humility is out of this world. Coming from a guy who's built and sold a company, it's EXTREMELY easy to get in the mindset of, "Well, I succeeded, so I know better". Garrett maintains an awesome trajectory of establishing empathy with all of us, and teaching us real, tangible, value lessons.

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      Thanks, Collin. So glad to hear it's helpful.

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    I've found it the most pleasant to listen to Garrett Dimon out of the 4 podcasts so far. Not sure why. Thanks for posting the interview!

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      That's great to hear. Any specific reasons or topics? Always helpful to know what people find useful so I can share more info about those topics.

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        I had the same impression. I think it mostly came down to your rapport with @csallen. Also, I got the impression that although you have enjoyed professional success you didn't present yourself as some business luminary. A lot of folks who do these sorts of talks tend to come-off as snobbish, so I appreciated your transparency on when you "got it wrong" as much as when you "got it right."

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          Thanks. It's easy when you got as much wrong as I did. :) For what it's worth, it took selling the company and stepping away for a while to gain some of the perspective that I have now. That's part of the reason I'm more excited than ever to share this stuff. (And maybe someday try again.)

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            good idea

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    The great take-away I found when listening to this is "building a product around a specific pain point/problem". Such a great way to think about business, after all companies, products just make the world a better place by solving problems.

    Also what I really like is that Garrett talks of being transparent and telling customers when something goes wrong - what a example and challenging thing to do.

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    My main takeaways:

    • Have your own story, be different from competitors

    • The lower barrier of entry is blessing and a curse

    • You're going to have to find a niche that isn't winner-take-all

    • There's no silver bullet on marketing

    • You have to spend time on both marketing and development

    • Marketing isn't about shouting about your product. It's about communicating how you solve their problem

    • Alot of things aren't going to work, and you just have to have the tenacity to keep going and try something different

    • It starts slow, but you have to stick with it before it can have a chance to pick up

    • Every major company went through some rough times

    • You have to have the personality to push through it and fight through it

    • Speak to your customers on the phone or meet with them in person

    • The more you automate the less you have to teach other people buying your business to do, increaing the valuation

    • Start a business YOUR way, don't try to be like others

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