Growing a $600,000/mo Business by Starting with Direct Sales with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

Episode #008

Learn how Nathan Barry grew his business by teaching what he knew, taking advantage of big competitors, showing up every day for two years, and treating direct sales as the answer to everything. Brought to you by Vettery.

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    Nathan, great interview. How did you get good at direct selling and can you recommend any resources for someone just starting out?

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    My main takeaways:

    • He went from $0 to ~$2,500/m in 6 months

    • He documented his entire journey on his blog

    • He was told that he should either quit the business, or give it full time efforts (not just the 10-20 hours he was initially giving it)

    • He grew the business using direct sales, referrals and affiliate marketing

    • Scratch your own itch (and chance is you'll be scratching it for others too)

    • He had an audience of 5,000 people already, and leveraged this

    • Don't be afraid of bigger competitors, it just demonstrates that there's a market there, so it's good.

    • Never enter a market where there are no competitors (you're defining the entire market), find existing markets with an existing problem

    • When interviewing ask questions don't make statements

    • There's a big difference between someone SAYING they'd buy and someone ACTUALLY buying (10 people said they'd preorder but only 1 actually preordered his product)

    • Don't make cheap tiers

    • You have to compete on a great user experience, and a phenomenal customer support, and cant do this PER user on cheap $0-$30 tiers (because it isn't financially smart)

    • He was pretty good at email marketing beforehand

    • He didnt have the reach or the scale, so he thinks that for where he was at, the $5,000/m goal was a bit too ambitious

    • Secrets to building an audience: 1. Teach everything you know - 2. Create everyday - 3. Show your working (document the process transparenty)

    • You want to do direct sales at the start at least, so you can HEAR why you're getting rejected

    • Show up on it EVERY DAY for two years.

    • The first TWO years of converkit, there was almost NO traction

    • He wrote 1000 words a day, every day, for 650 days in a row

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    A+ interview. Great questions and flow. That was fantastic.

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    Show up every day for 2 years! Absolutely love this quote.

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    This was a fantastic interview! Very inspiring. Thank you so much for the podcast. I wonder how I managed to miss that indiehackers had a podcast :)