Episode #026

Building a Mission-Driven Company with Reuben Pressman of Presence

Reuben Pressman has succeeded at doing some very difficult things as an entrepreneur, and building a mission-driven company is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Hello everybody. This is Courtland from indiehackers.com where I talk to the founders of profitable internet businesses and I try to get a sense of how they got to where they are now and what goes on behind the scenes. With the goal being that the rest of us can learn from their example.

Today, I'm talking to Reuben Pressman, the founder of a company called Presence. Reuben came recommended to me by Rachel Carpenter. She's the CEO of a company called Intrinio and I had her on the podcast a few weeks back. If you haven't listened to that episode, by the way, I recommend that you do, Rachel is awesome. But anyway, Rachel said, "Courtland, you should look into this company called Presence and talk to the founder, Reuben Pressman. He's absolutely killing it and I think he would make a great guest for the podcast." Now at that point, I had never actually heard of Presence, but the more I started reading about it and about Reuben, the more I realized that Rachel was right and that I should definitely have this guy on the podcast.

euben is an impressive figure who succeeded at doing some very difficult things. That ranges anywhere from learning to do enterprise sales to gigantic school systems to building a mission-driven company where the ideals and goals come first, which is much easier said than done. And doing from all of this from St. Petersburg, Florida. Which, if you're never heard of it, that's because it's the furthest thing away from a major tech hub. I really enjoyed listening to what Reuben had to say. I think you guys will enjoy hearing a story, too. So without further ado, let's get into it. I'm here with Reuben Pressman. Thanks for coming on the podcast, Reuben.

Reuben Pressman 0h 1m 28s

Of course, thanks for the invite.

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