Episode #029

How to Win by Refusing to Quit with Tracy Osborn of Hello Web Design

Tracy Osborn once asked herself, "Should I learn how to code, or quit my startup?" You can guess which answer she chose, time and time again. Learn how relentless perseverance over time can help build a successful business.


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What's up everybody? This is Courtland from IndieHackers.com where I talk to the founders of profitable internet businesses and I ask them about their challenges and hardships so the rest of us can learn from their mistakes instead of having to make them on our own.

Today I'm talking to Tracy Osborn. She's the founder of a company called Wedding Lovely and also a series of books known as the Hello Web books. A few of them deal with teaching non-programmers how to code, and the latest one helps programmers learn to become good designers.

My original goal with this interview was to spend the bulk of it talking to Tracy about design and some tips that non-designers could use to really make better looking websites, which is increasingly important in the world of today where it seems like every website is professionally designed. What actually ended up happening was that we started talking about Tracy's story as an entrepreneur and never really left that topic. I consider that a good thing because her story is so fascinating and educational. It's really a story that proves how far you can get by simply refusing to quit no matter what happens.

I actually saw a tweet today that said something to the tune of, if you want to be successful, pick any idea and work on it for 10 years. Tracy's story really is a great illustration of what that looks like. Apologies to you Tracy for not initially sticking to the topic that I planned on sticking to, but if you're a listener you really get two for the price of one because you listen to this excellent podcast and hear Tracy's story and you can head over to hellowebbooks.com and buy her book on web design afterwards. With that, let's start the episode.

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I'm here with Tracy Osborn. Tracy, thanks so much for coming on the show. It's a pleasure to have you.

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