Episode #030

Pivoting Your Way to Three Million Users with Vivek Ravisankar

The founder of HackerRank tells the story of how he and his cofounder went from multiple failed businesses as brand new founders working from India to the creators of one of the most influential websites for programmers and tech companies.


Courtland Allen 0h 0m 7s

What's up, everybody? This is Courtland from IndieHackers.com, where I talk to the founders of profitable internet businesses and I ask them to share the behind the scenes stories from how they got started and how they've grown their companies, so that the rest of us can learn from their experiences.

Today, I'm talking to Vivek Ravisankar. He's the CEO of a company called HackerRank, who's mission is really to make the process of getting a job as a programmer a lot more fun and enjoyable, something that I can personally get behind because it's pretty terrible.

Now, HackerRank.com — unlike most of the people that I talk to — is a VC-funded company that has raised millions of dollars. But, Vivek and his partner went through a very similar story to what you will go through as an indie hacker starting any sort of business.

They spent years really just trying to find the right business model, the right product that customers would like, and in pivoting their way over, and over, and over again until it eventually became a successful product.

There's a lot to learn from hearing Vivek's story, and from listening to the advice that he has to share. So, with that, let's get into the episode. I'm here today with Vivek Ravisankar the co-founder and CEO of HackerRank. Vivek how's it going?

Vivek Ravisankar 0h 1m 10s

Good, how are you?

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