Episode #044

From Fledgling Founder to 7-Figure Deals with Stephanie Hurlburt of Binomial

Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) shares the story of how she went from being an employee to being half of a 2-person startup that sells software to gaming companies, and all the steps in between. Learn how she quit her job, met her cofounder, landed lucrative contracting gigs, built a product, learned about sales, and stayed sane while doing it.


Courtland Allen: 0h 0m 7s

What’s up, everybody? This is Courtland from IndieHackers.com and you’re listening to the Indie Hackers Podcast. On this show I talk to the founders of profitable internet businesses and I try to get a sense of who they are, what shaped them, and how exactly they’ve built their successful companies.

Now, I’m back after an unexpectedly long hiatus. My apologies for not communicating perfectly that I was going to take a break, but I wasn’t aware that I was taking one myself until I was about halfway through it. But now I’m back, I’m feeling refreshed, I’ve got a lot of great conversations lined up for the rest of the year, so you guys can stop giving me shit on Twitter.

This first episode is with the one and only Stephanie Hurlburt. Now, if you don’t know Stephanie, you’re missing out. She’s one of the most inspirational and impressive figures that I know in tech and startups. In this episode, she talks about how she became a graphics programmer, how she went from an employee, to being a contractor, to starting her own successful business.

Now, just to give you a sense of how successful it is, she’s only one-half of a two-person company, yet right before we started this podcast, Stephanie had just gotten off the phone from negotiating a seven-figure deal to sell her product. And if that isn’t enough, Stephanie is big on work-life balance and she limits herself to working 20 hours a week.

So yeah, it’s easy to understand why Stephanie is one of my role models. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this episode and learning from her as much as I did. Without further ado, Stephanie Hurlburt.

Okay, Stephanie, how’s it going?

Stephanie Hurlburt: 0h 1m 28s

It’s good, it’s good. I’m excited.

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