The Value of Being Interesting and Persistent with Joel Runyon of Impossible

Episode #047

Joel Runyon (@joelrunyon) didn't start out with a whole lot. He couldn't get a job. He had no business skills. He didn't know how to code. In fact, all he had was long list of things he thought he couldn't do. In this episode, Joel talks about how he was able to pull himself up by the bootstraps and create multiple successful businesses by doing the things he was most interested in, being persistent and doubling down on the things that stuck, and literally attempting to accomplish the impossible.

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    Great episode!

    How much time does the endurance training take and do you feel like you've had to sacrifice business output to do it, or has it been net neutral or even helped business output?

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    This was a great episode and very inspiring. One suggestion @csallen -- it would be great if there was a 'show notes' section containing a list of all links for all resources mentioned in the show. That way your users don't have to search through the transcript to try to find articles and books they heard about while listening.

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    For some reason it is not playing for me. Do you host your podcast in other platforms?

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      Yeah same for me too. I think its due to some media resources not available on my system. I keep on seeing this error media resource from backtrack.fm could not be decoded. I will post a resolution to this soon.

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    Here are a few links from items in the episode.

    The Paul Graham article he mentioned: http://www.paulgraham.com/identity.html

    The Donald Miller book:

    The Jordan Peterson book:

    Richard Branson autobiography: