Episode #047

The Value of Being Interesting and Persistent with Joel Runyon of Impossible

Joel Runyon (@joelrunyon) didn't start out with a whole lot. He couldn't get a job. He had no business skills. He didn't know how to code. In fact, all he had was long list of things he thought he couldn't do. In this episode, Joel talks about how he was able to pull himself up by the bootstraps and create multiple successful businesses by doing the things he was most interested in, being persistent and doubling down on the things that stuck, and literally attempting to accomplish the impossible.


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What’s up, everyone? This is Courtland Allen from IndieHackers.com and you’re listening to the Indie Hackers Podcast. On this show I talk to the founders of profitable internet businesses and I try to get a sense of who they are, what makes them tick, how they got to where they are today, and how they make decisions at their companies.

The goal here is so that the rest of us can learn from their example and go on to build our own successful internet businesses. If you are a founder or you’re thinking about starting a company, I highly recommend that you check out IndieHackers.com. It’s the website behind this podcast, and it is full of other founders swapping tips with each other, giving each other advice and feedback and ideas, and in general just helping each other build successful companies. You can also find full transcripts of every podcast episode, including this one.

I am super excited about today’s guest. I am talking to none other than Joel Runyon. Joel, welcome to the show. It’s great to have you on.

Joel Runyon 0h 0m 59s

Thanks for having me, man.

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