The Indie Hackers Podcast April 20, 2018

Creating a New Product Category with Katelyn Gleason of Eligible

Episode #050

Katelyn Gleason (@katgleason) has been never satisfied with working for somebody else, and she's never been afraid to break into a new field and aim straight for the top. Today, she's the founder and CEO of Eligible, a rapidly-growing business in the difficult and highly-regulated healthcare and insurance industries. Learn how she used the knowledge she gained as a salesperson to develop a category-defining product, and how she goes about learning whatever is necessary for overcoming the next obstacle in her path.

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    great stuff. thanks for sharing.

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    "How did you learn all this?' Well, I fucking taught it to myself!

    Respect 🤜🤜🤜 — Can't wait to listen :)

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    My Main Takeaways:

    • Katelyn has grit. She was willing to work hard and do whatever it took to achieve her goals.

    • Katelyn has been working full time since 16/17 she did this because she wanted to buy able to buy stuff for herself.

    • Katelyn quit her corporate sales job because the people there didn't really care about the product.

    • Katelyn prefers to work.

    • Katelyn doesn't drink, do drugs, or smoke.

    • Katelyn finally found a sales position at a company that actually cared about the product, and she did too. It was a startup with no funding, but Katelyn said the opportunity was perfect for her, so she basically became their "apprentice" working 90 hours per week because she was extremely passionate about it.

    • Katelyn went through YC with this startup (see above) as an employee.

    • Katelyn left the startup because she wanted to start her own.

    • Katelyn says that the startup wouldn't make her the VP of sales because she didn't go to Harvard or MIT or maybe because she was a girl.

    • Katelyn says the fact that she was poor and had no fallback was very helpful in contributing to her drive.

    • Katelyn funded her own startup using $25k on her credit card. And she had been building up her credit score since she was a kid, so she didnt have to pay any interest for 10 months.

    • Give requirements and user stories to the developers.

    • It's better to create your own catogry and dominate it, than to join a saturated category.

    • Build moats, things that keep competitors from being able to easily enter your space.

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    Awesome podcast and very inspirational to all of us self-taught engineers and entrepreneurs.

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    Being a self learner myself (from Foxpro to Python), I respect and admire those who decide to take the long and hard path of self learning. More power to you.

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