Episode #051

Finding Your Way as a Founder with Rand Fishkin of Moz and SparkToro

When Rand Fishkin (@randfish) was $500,000 in debt, he decided to save his company and the relationships within his family by… starting a blog. He went on to grow a massive audience and transform his services business into Moz, an SEO and marketing company the helped grow to $47M in annual revenue. Learn how persistence, a deep-rooted understanding of marketing, and genuine values that he refused to compromise on helped Rand find his way as a founder.


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What’s up, everyone? This is Courtland Allen from IndieHackers.com and you’re listening to the Indie Hackers Podcast. On this show I talk to the founders behind profitable internet businesses and I try to get a sense of what it’s like to be in their shoes, how do they get to where are today, how do they make decisions both in their personal lives and at their companies, and what exactly what makes their companies tick? And the goal here, as always, is so that the rest of us can learn from their example and go on to build our own successful businesses.

Today I’m talking to Rand Fishkin. Rand is one of the world’s foremost SEO experts. And as such, he doesn’t need much of an introduction, but I’m going to give him one anyway.

Rand is the founder of Moz, a marketing and SEO company, which he helped grow to $47 million in annual revenue, and which has helped many people, myself included, find customers and drive traffic to our websites. Rand is also the author of a new book called Lost and Founder. It’s a painfully honest field guide to the startup world. I’ve read it and it’s like a very transparent, very detailed Indie Hackers interview. So if you enjoy Indie Hackers, you’ll love the book, and it should be available by the time that you hear this episode. And finally, Rand recently left Moz to start a brand-new company from scratch. It’s called Sparktoro, and I’m sure we’ll get the chance to talk about that as well.

So Rand, welcome to the show and thank you so much for joining me.

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Thrilled to be here, Courtland.

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