Quick Chat with Joe Howard of WP Buffs

Episode #107

Joe Howard (@josephhhoward) is the founder of WP Buffs, a productized service business in the WordPress space that he bootstrapped from $0 to over $70,000/month in revenue. We had a quick chat about how Joe launched his business and found a paying customer in just a few days, how to make more money by raising your prices, and why it's important to keep things simple as a founder.

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    Joe - really enjoying learning about the WP Buffs Story. Appreciate you sharing your candid "build the plane as it runs down the runway" approach. #WPBoss 👍

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      Thanks, Mervin. Onward and upward!

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    Enjoyed this episode! Liked the part about not being afraid to raise prices.

    I will also join the podcasting group here 😀

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      Awesome, Naya! See you in the podcast group :)

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    My Main Takeaways:

    • Build, launch and acquire customers fast: Joe built his product, launched and acquired customers in less than 1 week.
    • Engage with your target customers online via Inbound Marketing: Joe’s first customer found him through an answer he wrote on Quora, linking back to his product.
    • Your idea doesn’t need to be crazily innovative: Simple ideas that solve real problems are better than unique ideas that solve artificial problems.
    • Keep things simple: Ask yourself “What can I cut [out]?”
    • Leverage the 80/20 principle: Focus on the 20% producing 80% of your results.
    • Put yourself in a good position: If you put yourself out there, and put yourself into a good position, opportunities will start coming to you.
    • Add more value and increase prices: Increasing prices may lead to low-value customers churning, but as long as you are adding value, your true customers will stay and pay more.
    • As a small company, take advantage of personalisation: Large companies like Amazon, or Google can charge lower prices because they have huge market share and have economies of scale. Smaller companies cannot charge so little, but what they can do is create a more personal experience for their customers, thus increasing the value and making the higher price worth it.
    • If you want it, try and deserve it: “The safest way to get what you want is to try and deserve what you want.” - Charlie Munger
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    Awesome! Keep rocking it Joe. 💪