Quick Chat with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples

Episode #115

Harry Dry (@harrydry) is the founder of Marketing Examples, a fast-growing showcase of successful startup marketing stories. Since launching the site a few months ago, he's grown his email list to 5000 subscribers, won product of the week on Product Hunt, and is approaching $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Harry joined the show to talk about reducing the risks of being a founder, how to grow your Twitter following, and the importance of building the product that only you can build.

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    Awesome! A lot of lessons in here. 🔥 🔥🔥

    Main one for me is that fundamentals work: start small, take out risk, provide value to others.

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    This was a super awesome listen, feel pretty inspired after! IDEAS FLOWING!!! Thank you 🙏

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      cheers. time to get to work

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    https://marketingexamples.com/ You're welcome. 😉

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    Hey Harry, mind linking the SEO article you mentioned?

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      Think it might of been this one

      Anything by Glen is good though.

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    Pleasure to be on. Any questions let me know in the comments.

    Don't hold back on any criticism. All helps

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      Any light you can shed on your sponsor(s) and how you promote them? It doesn't seem obvious from your page.

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        EmailOctopus are promoted on the landing page, at the bottom of all the articles, the twitter threads and in the bi-weekly emails.

        It's usually something like, "I'd also like to thank EmailOctopus for sponsoring the site. They provide email marketing for a fraction of the price of MailChimp. From firsthand experience, I'd certainly recommend them."

        Works well cause I'm a big fan of their product myself :)

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      Thank you Hannibal! And yeah, you're very right.

      SEO hmm. Write good quality content. All the basic stuff. And then get backlinks where I can haha! Currently rank best for "jeff johnson nike" which pulls in a bit of traffic! Quite a few long tail words, SEO takes time to kick in and accumulate backlinks but I'll get there.

      IH links are no follow. Product Hunt I think are follow. So launching there helped a bit.

      No idea about Pinterest unfortunately haha!

      Onwards and upwards to you to. How's life. What are you up to now?