Exploring Ideas and Exploiting the Good Ones with Justin Mares of Kettle and Fire

Episode #116

Justin Mares (@jwmares) is the founder of not one but two companies in the health food space, each of which he's simultaneously bootstrapped to over $10,000,000 in annual revenue. In this episode we covered why you should avoid having a scarcity mentality when coming up with an idea to work on, how to alleviate market risk by running a smoke test, and how Justin was able to rapidly grow his businesses by bringing growth know-how from tech to the industry of consumer packaged goods.

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    "Quantity has a quality of its own" is from Napoleon. While his adversaries had small professional (mercenary) armies he decided to fight by arming the whole country and pressing them into service. His soldiers weren't good by military standards but having so many of them gave them a certain "quality".

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    Yes. I love the original intro! Please keep this intro. The beat just gears me up for the conversation.

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    Interesting to have a different type of product on here.

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    @jwmares Awesome episode! You mentioned that you're involved in different businesses with different partners. How do you typically structure those partnerships early on when starting something new? (i.e. How do you divide equity, responsibilities, etc.)