Sales Tips Every Founder Should Know with Steli Efti of Close

Episode #119

Steli Efti (@Steli) knows more about sales than anyone else I know. He's also the founder of Close.com, a profitable all-in-one CRM tool doing many millions in revenue, so he's the perfect person to answer the question: What should founders know about sales? So in this episode, my goal was to extract as many founder-specific sales tactics as I could from Steli. Whether you're growing a business now, or it's something you hope to do in the future, Steli's advice isn't something you can afford to miss.

Show Notes

  • [email protected] — email Steli and ask for his sales e-book!

  • Close — Steli's SaaS business, an all-in-one CRM tool

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    Another awesome podcast episode with Steli! Sales is a big blind spot for me, so loved the great advice!

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    Awesome episode, so much great advice.

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    I think this might be the YC article by Carol Luong mentioned in the episode:

    Sales Advice for Technical Founders

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      He also mentioned one by Jessica Livingston, it's hosted on Genius for some reason:


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    Thank you for this. I took a page of notes that I am eager to implement.

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    This is such a great episode! I keep listening to it every month :D

    Just a little request: I would like to share it with my non-native English speaker friends and it would be great to have the transcript available.

    Would it be possible to add it? Many thanks! 🙇

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    The 1-2-3 method is a game changer. One of my favourite interviews!

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