Quick Chat with Mubashar Iqbal of Pod Hunt

Episode #121

Mubashar Iqbal (@mubashariqbal) has always been a maker first and an indie hacker second. That much is obvious from his track record of building 80+ side projects. But recently, he's taken his "work on things you love" mindset and applied it to a business of his own: Pod Hunt. In this episode, Mubs and I discuss strategies for crafting successful consumer-facing products and he shares his thoughts on why you should always prioritize product-founder fit.

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    Had a great time chatting with @csallen, amazing that my two appearances on the podcast are almost 100 episodes apart!

    The discussion lead me to build a quick mini project called Hacker News Day: https://hackernewsday.com

    Find out more here: https://practicalmvp.com/blog/idea-to-production-in-3-hours

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      Don't know why you got downvoted. I missed the intro music too. Maybe some new people don't know about it.

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        Maybe I just enjoy it more than everyone else 😄

        I had other more substantive thoughts about the interview but wanted to think through them before commenting later.

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      Upvoted. I like it toó.

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    Great episode @csallen and @Mubs! Enjoyed it, and looking forward to having you on Code Story (https://codestory.co). Courtland, any interest in being on the show as well sometime? Let me know.

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    Really relate to the whole product founder fit thing. I've worked on too many side projects that I didn't really care about, which were soon abandoned.

    Now I'm trying to only work on things I care about and it feels a lot better.

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    We both stammer as well, cool. You've now motivated me to wanting to go on talk shows.

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      Awesome, I didn't want my stammering to hold me back, and you shouldn't either!

      I wrote a little about it here:

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