Quick Chat with Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs

Episode #133

Anne-Laure Le Cunff (@anthilemoon) is working at the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship to produce content that inspires, educates, and sustains makers like you. In this episode, we talked about how Anne-Laure builds free products that are good for the world while monetizing related products, how she juggles multiple career paths simultaneously by maximizing overlap, and how to combine multiple interests into a single niche topic that's unique and differentiated.

Show Notes

  • Ness Labs — Anne-Laure's business

  • Maker Mag — Anne-Laure's platform for makers to share their thoughts and discuss trends

  • Maker Mind — Anne-Laure's weekly newsletter at the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship

  • Teeny Breaks — Anne-Laure's Chrome extension that delivers science-based tips for mindful breaks

  • @anthilemoon — follow Anne-Laure on Twitter

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    I really enjoyed this podcast and have already spent a few hours reading articles on Ness Labs. @anthilemoon, have you written any books yet? If not are you planning to?

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      Thank you! I have written some ebooks, such as Make & Shine, but would love to publish a proper book in the future!

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        Thank you for replying, I am definitely going to have a look! :)

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