Happy Customers, Happy Wife (and Co-CEO), Happy Life with Dave Sims of Floify

Episode #136

Dave Sims (@floifydave) has bootstrapped two tech companies to millions of dollars in annual revenue, and with the help of his wife and co-CEO, he's running them both at the same time. With his latest business, Floify, he's proven that you don't have to know a ton about an industry to discover an opportunity and build a valuable idea… but you do have to learn, and learn rapidly. In this episode, we discuss exactly how Dave came up with his idea by keeping his eyes open to problems and opportunities in everyday life, how he built the right product by learning from his customers and even going so far as to shadow them in their places of work, and why all business is about relationships.

Show Notes

  • Floify — Dave's SaaS business for the mortgage industry

  • Flux — Dave's first product

  • @floifydave — follow Dave on Twitter

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