The Indie Hackers Podcast December 9, 2019

Finding a Positive Feedback Loop to Profitability with Robert James Gabriel of Helperbird

Episode #138

Robert James Gabriel (@RobertJGabriel) never had it easy growing up. Before he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia at age 17, he had teachers counsel him to drop out of school and was told he would never amount to anything. But with some positive encouragement from a few helpful mentors and individuals, Robert found his way, learned to code, and became a prolific indie hacker. In this episode Robert and I discuss the psychological effects of being trapped inside both negative and positive feedback loops, his strategy for coming up with dozens of product ideas, and the story behind how he bootstrapped his app Helperbird into a six-figure business that helps others with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

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    Thanks for having me on @csallen. It was like talking to an old friend. If anyone has any questions. Would love to answer them :)

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      Great podcast Robert and congrats on your success so far. Are you from Cork?

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        I sure am, from blarney but live State side.

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          Good stuff. What part of the states? I'm from Douglas but I've been in the Bay Area for the past 8 years.

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            Us Irish are everywhere. Im based in Austin Texas but done in Bay area a couple times year.

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    This was fantastic episode, really enjoyed it! @RobertGabriel From what I understood it makes more sense to MVP an idea by creating a Chrome extension than say actually developing say a stand alone web app?

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      Hey Bronson,

      Just seen this now. Yes I would agree, depends on the scale of the app and your vision. Like honey for example is a perfect for a Chrome extension and wouldn't work as an app app.

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    Thanks for the show guys. @Robert_James_Gabriel I really enjoyed hearing your stance from which you make decisions and how values-driven you are with Helperbird.

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      Thanks so much!, Im delighted you enjoyed it and I would love to talk more if you have any questions.

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    Great episode, glad to hear how well Helperbird is doing Rob!

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      Hey Michael, Thanks for all the kind words and support :D