Bootstrapping an App to Millions Through Sheer Persistence with Cesar Kuriyama of 1 Second Everyday

Episode #141

When Cesar Kuriyama (@cesarkuriyama) first got started, he had nothing but a dream of freedom, an app idea, and a rapidly declining bank account. When every dev shop in New York City turned him down, things looked dire. But through sheer persistence and a penchant to seize every opportunity in front of him, Cesar managed to create an experience that people loved, give a talk on the TED main stage, launch a successful Kickstarter campaign, bootstrap his app to millions of dollars in revenue, and even get it featured in a Jon Favreau movie. In this episode we break down Cesar's improbable path to success, and in the process discover why you should never give up as a founder.

Show Notes

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    I found this interview so inspirational. I love hearing about how such tiny things as sending a kind tweet to a famous person can alter the course of your life. Great story!

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    Such a great interview. I love stories from founders who came from outside of the tech world and "didn't even know VC was an option". Beginner's mind :)

    It's a breath of fresh air 🌬

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    ngl - i used this product for two straight years at uni. Had an awesome reel. Spent the past hour searching my archives for it to no avail ...

    loved hearing the story