The Indie Hackers Podcast January 17, 2020

Following Your Passion to Become an Indie Hacker with Pete Codes of No CS Degree

Episode #143

Pete Macleod (@petecodes) didn't have a cushy fallback plan when he set out to become an indie hacker. Eight months ago he was unemployed, and a few months after that he was working a minimum wage job with dangerous clientele. He figured his best bet would be to strike out on his own: "I don't really have anything to lose at this point, so I suppose I'll just go for it." Today he runs No CS Degree, a profitable online business that helps aspiring software engineers who don't have the stereotypical credentials. In this episode, Pete and I discuss his remarkable ability to get help from others, his techniques for rapidly learning how to create a successful company, and the reasons it was crucial for him to solve a problem he was passionate about.

Show Notes

  • No CS Degree — Pete's blog about people making it as developers without a CS degree

  • No CS OK — Pete's job board for those without CS degrees

  • Bootcamp Index — Pete's new site for finding the best programming bootcamps/courses

  • @petecodes — follow Pete on Twitter

  • The Pete Codes Blog — an honest account of being an indie maker and how Pete makes money online

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